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london local newsWelcome to City Matters – the brand new hyperlocal newspaper for the City of London!

We are a free publication with a simple ethos; to inform, entertain and above all provide the great City of London with the community voice that it deserves.

Featuring everything from breaking news and current affairs to entertainment ‘must sees’, shopping ‘must haves’ and tips and tricks for a peaceful mind body and soul, City Matters’ pages are packed with something for each of the thousands who call the City home, and the tens of thousands who commute to the heart of the Capital each and every day.

You’ll be able to pick up your copy on Wednesday each week at selected hotspots around the square mile. For a full list of location of our distribution points, click here.

But our work doesn’t end when the deadline drops. As a registered Social Enterprise, City Matters strives to provide training and employment opportunities to Armed Forces Veterans, as well as students and City of London residents who have special educational requirements. We warmly welcome new partners who share this mission and look forward to establishing collaborations that can help institutions across the City to achieve their social obligations.

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