Wellbeing strategies build & help sustain high employee morale


Employee wellness programmes have become de facto in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and increase employee retention.

In fact, 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness programmes feel engaged and cared for by their employers.

From water bottles to promote hydration, to in-house chefs who will cook healthy snacks to aid in weight control, companies will do almost everything to improve the mood and boost the energy of their employees.

Adjustable-height standing desks that allow users to easily switch between standing and sitting while working, mandatory 15-minute yoga breaks during office hours or weekly team bonding sessions outside of the workplace have become a staple in many companies not just here in the City, but around the world.

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Yoga instructors can be recruited to deliver classes in the workplace

The biggest benefit of having a wellbeing program is helping people adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.

Wellbeing programs are very effective at reducing elevated health risks such as blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol.

Studies in the US have shown the return on investment in wellbeing programmes can eclipse a three times multiple – meaning that for every dollar spent firms saved more than three dollars because of reduced healthcare costs.

Wellbeing programmes can also aid in the reduction of absenteeism. Harvard researchers looked at the return on investment of wellbeing programmes (again in the US) as they relate absenteeism, and demonstrated that for every dollar invested a company could save $2.73.

It is estimated that the cost associated with presenteeism – the practice of being present at one’s place of work for more hours than is required, especially as a manifestation of insecurity about one’s job – due to poor employee health is at least two to three times greater than direct health care expenses.

These trends mirror the happenings on British shores. Here, wellbeing programmes are also improving employee productivity and decreasing the presenteeism at work.

Kasper Larsen, CEO of Evendo, the leading online marketplace for all event-related services and products, says: “To have a well-balanced work environment places high demands on employers nowadays.

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Managing wellbeing can be a stroll, and simply getting out of the office can be an easy first step

Employees’ wellbeing needs will never stand still and employers are constantly trying to understand and improve their wellbeing programmes.

“When people are happy, businesses can thrive and societies flourish.

“At Evendo, we have seen increased interest from employers in booking regularly wellbeing activities. Yoga, massage, meditation, dance, and walking tours are just a few wellbeing activities from our portfolio which can be booked on evendo.com.”

Having launched in 2016 in Denmark and now available in London, Evendo brings together all local event-related service providers for the corporate world.

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