The 10 best experiences you have to try with Evendo


In the age of instant online hotel, taxi, and even grocery bookings, it is surprising how complex planning and booking an event online still is.

Evendo is a new service which directly addresses this problem making it possible, for example, to book activities for a team building day, venue space for a product launch, or entertainment for a fun company day out.

Evendo launched in London after a successful 18 months of operation in Denmark, moving the entire event planning process online and allowing any company to book their entire itinerary instantly.

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Paint Jam London combines art, booze and great DJ’s for an alternative night out for those wanting to explore their creative side

Evendo works by consolidating all event needs on to one platform, ranging from activities, transportation, venues, party rentals, and food and beverage, making Evendo not only the largest planning and booking platform for events, but the only site you will need in your event booking process.

Their integrated online planning tool allows users to structure out the day of their event with precision before hitting the book button. And you won’t feel neglected on the day, either; download the innovative in-app assistant designed to guide and help users manage each booked experience.

Here are 10 exciting activities sure to keep City workforces highly entertained and engaged in 2019.

Melt London

Watch as world-class chocolatiers create and design rich, hand-made chocolate originating from countries all over the world – then make your very own in your work team. Experiment with unique flavours like mushroom, champagne, and umami. This fun and informative class will have you feeling like an accomplished, professional chocolate chef. Bon apetit.

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Learn how to make some of these beauties at Melt London

Indoor Virtual Escape Room

This three-hour virtual escape room experience is fully managed. Teams will be given tablets packed with interactive game screens where they will have to decipher evidence, decode cryptic messages, and uncover the unexpected twists to move ahead. Expect to be highly engaged in this unique virtual experience as you work together against the clock.

Moonshine Saloon

The outlaw life doesn’t choose you, you choose it as soon as you enter into this saloon. You’ll have to go undercover with all the other outlaws and become a part of the Wild West’s moonshine smuggling gang led by Clyde (the self-styled King of the Moonshiners). You’ll be given the right attire to help you blend in, as the Sheriff knows all the locals, and out of town Moonshiners will stick out like sore thumbs.

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Get into character at Moonshine

Detective Project

Be a part of an immersive experience that will make you feel like you’re on an episode of CSI: Miami – you know, minus the palm trees and tropical weather. Teams will learn genuine forensic techniques while wearing special CSI suits to analysis the scene of a crime. This mobile experience comes to your chosen location and is perfect for getting team building groups working together.

Mayhem Murder Mystery

Get together with your team and see if you have what it takes to solve a murder mystery. You’ll immediately become a part of a thrilling narrative and will have to put your acting skills to the test. This is a wonderful way to boost your confidence and come out of your shell if you’re shy. Work together with your team in this exciting role-play experience, and as the story unravels find out who the murderer is.

The Emirates Aviation Experience

Fly high in this incredibly captivating Emirates Aviation Experience. You’ll feel as if you are really operating these exact state-of-the-art replicas of the Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s. These aircraft simulators will allow you to fly to several timeless destinations such as Dubai, London and Hong Kong.

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Experience what its like to fly a jumbo jet

The Bletchley

In this historical, WWII-themed interactive cocktail bar experience you will feel like the Enigma code cracker, Alan Turing. Located in the basement of the World End’s bar, you’ll step inside this amazing interior designed space to partake in an immersive experience that you won’t forget – provided you don’t drink too many of their incredibly delicious and unique cocktails.

iFly Skydiving

Take your group to new heights when you partake in an electrifying indoor skydiving session. Feel the wind beneath your body, spread out your arms and experience the incredible rush. Your group will be able to skydive like a pro with the simulation of true free-fall conditions.

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You’re guaranteed a seriously fun time at iFly Skydiving London

Paint Jam London

This is the paint class that really knows how to put the ‘art’ in party. Get as creative as you want at a renowned pop-up art studio with your team as you listen to hot tracks played to you by a live DJ and sip on Prosecco. Gather around a large communal canvas and work together to paint something special for your work environment. Get social, bond and immerse yourselves in the fun and messy creation of visual art.

Spun Candy

Teams with a huge sweet tooth will relish in the unique experience of making their very own delicious, hard rock candy. All the ingredients are gluten-free, gelatin-free, GM free, vegetarian and naturally flavoured, meaning you can nibble on the treats you’ve made with a little less guilt. Release your inner-child in a fun, hands-on and interactive experience – it’s quite possibly the sweetest way to bond with teammates. And ensure your team is stimulated & inspired.