Why team building events can boost staff productivity


In the age of instant online hotel, taxi, and even grocery bookings, it is surprising how complex planning and booking an event online still is.

Evendo is a new service which directly addresses this problem making it possible, for example, to book activities for a team building day, venue space for a product launch, or entertainment for a fun company day out.

Evendo launched in London after a successful 18 months of operation in Denmark, moving the entire event planning process online and allowing any company to book their entire itinerary instantly.

It works by consolidating all event needs on to one platform, ranging from activities, transportation, venues, party rentals, and food and beverage, making Evendo not only the largest planning and booking platform for events, but the only site you will need in your event booking process.

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Team building days out can help increase employee productivity

Their integrated online planning tool allows users to structure out the day of their event with precision before hitting the book button.

And you won’t feel neglected on the day, either; download the innovative in-app assistant designed to guide and help users manage each booked experience.

With that said, it’s a brand spanking new year, but that doesn’t mean that we have to settle into January blues – especially not when it comes to new trends and technologies in the event industry for 2019.

This year you can expect a positive shift in the way team building events benefit employees, focusing on their emotive experiences in order to bring teams closer together.

Expect this year to bring you an advancement in technology that makes planning and booking events more efficient and easier than ever before.

Events are hosted by companies all year round, but it is team building events that become the main focus in the first quarter of the year for businesses.

Why? Because as people are coming back from their Christmas breaks it’s time to refocus and get the ball rolling again by unifying and building effective teams.

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A little healthy competition is always good for the workplace

Healthy company culture produces effective teams

Excellent and well-thought out team building events aren’t only a key part of retaining and attracting top talent but defining a company’s personality and culture. Forbes found that companies with strong work cultures saw revenue growth increase four times as much.

Being active in creating a company culture that is wholesome, inclusive and adheres to employee needs benefits both the company and those who work there.

However, having a company culture that is toxic and not bolstered with effective team building events can have a huge negative impact.

A recent study produced by breathHR called The Culture Economy showed just how damaging it is to the wider economy as well, costing an astounding £23.6billion a year.

The report also revealed that one third of employees in Britain leave their jobs as a result of bad workplace culture.

Organising team building activities are a great way to create and sustain a healthy working environment.

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Evendo has streamlined the process of organising team building events

Team building activities like escape rooms or sporting events with a light competitive twist are proven to work extremely well when boosting employee engagement, promoting effective communication and building trust among a team.

The average person spends 40 hours a week or more at work with their colleagues, so it should come as no surprise that our work interactions shape how we view our jobs.

It’s human nature to want to connect with others, we work better together when we have a genuine rapport with our teammates. Partaking in fun team building activities like a cooking challenge encourages and improves the skills needed to build a cohesive work team.

Team building activities result in increased engagement

For example, as your team gather in the kitchen, are given instructions to follow and practice working together to produce a delicious meal, you’ll see healthy communication being exchanged, how they problem-solve and co-ordinate under time pressures.

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Get a bit creative at your next team building experience

Team building activities like these are a prime way of increasing employee engagement and building healthy relationships, thus making work feel more than “just a job”.

CEO of Evendo, Kasper Larsen, says: “This positive association employees will have with their job strengthens their commitment to their company, work goals and targets.”

Moreover, the Workplace Research Foundation discovered that highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to be productive at an above average level. Work doesn’t have to feel like work when you’re a part of a healthy, functioning team you can trust.