Review: London Clown Festival

London Clown Festival
London Clown Festival

The London Clown Festival kicked off not with a bang, but with a bizarre band. A trio of clown musicians gave some quirky musical notes that left the audience equally amused and confused before, with a scream, they announced the evening’s hosts and from then on it was non-stop laughter and chaos.

The evening featured an eccentric mix of acts, each one showcasing a distinct physical comedy style and humorous flair. From the classic slapstick routines such as a plate spinning medieval knight to the more avant-garde and absurd routines.

The diversity of the performances was a testament to the versatility of clowns as an art form, they all pulled it off perfectly (sort of), and when things didn’t go to plan it was even funnier. It was truly a treat to witness the myriad of ways in which these performers expressed themselves and made us laugh.

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London Clown Festival

Not just happy to make silly fools of themselves for our benefit, another key draw of the evening was when they single out a poor soul in the front row and made them join them. From singing gibberish to being reborn as a baby (don’t ask) there was a seemingly never-ending way to make the front row audience members regret their choice of seat.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of clowning about or a newcomer to the genre, this festival promises to be an unforgettable celebration of laughter and madness. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the fun for yourself!

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