Mayor announces key worker list for priority housing

key workers

Sadiq Khan is recognising the service and sacrifice made by key workers during the pandemic by backing them to be first in the queue for thousands of new genuinely affordable homes being built across London.

The Mayor has consulted with trade unions, emergency services and local authorities to create a list of essential occupations who have a direct role in providing services that Londoners rely on.

This includes the provision of care and education, and roles that support public safety, transportation and utilities that underpin and sustain the capital.

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The GLA has chosen to adopt the ONS occupation-based definition of key workers – the same list the government used for defining key workers throughout the pandemic – with the addition of a number of roles following consultation with trade unions and other stakeholders for the purposes of allocating intermediate housing in London.

Local authorities and housing providers will now be encouraged to build the new London-wide list into their allocation policies for intermediate housing.

It is intended that this new approach will prevent Londoners in key worker roles from having to move away from their workplaces and communities due to the sometimes prohibitive cost of housing in the capital.

Khan said: “Never has London been more indebted to the dedicated and selfless service of our key workers. They keep us safe, care for us, and provide the essential services without which our capital would grind to a halt.

“Their heroic efforts during the pandemic have shone a spotlight on the injustice that many key workers still can’t afford to live in our city. Housing costs have driven far too many Londoners away, robbing us of their skills and expertise. Providing more access to Intermediate housing, alongside much-needed homes for social rent, will play a vital role in turning that tide.

“By helping London’s essential workers buy or rent a home below the market rate we can help them to put down roots and ensure they can become a vital part of the communities they serve.”

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