City Guides relaunch Knowledge of the City series


With a busy September for the City of London Guides in full swing already (City Giving Day, Fantastic Feats, Open House and so on), they’re getting set to run the popular lecture series Knowledge of the City again.

It has garnered a reputation for being an institution for locals interested in the history, culture and heritage that is part and parcel of the City of London. And plenty of tourists join in too.

Every Friday in October a highly experienced City Guide will deliver a lecture on a subject selected to have wide appeal and encourage discussion on both historical and current topics. And each talk will take place in a different location.

For this first season in the new annual programme they will be talking about Victorian London; The Livery, its tradition and influence; The Museum of London past, present and future; and the ways in which the City divides itself up from the walls and gates of the Middle Ages to surveillance cameras today.

Meant to reflect the City itself, this is an eclectic mixture of local history delivered against the backdrop of Sir Christopher Wren’s and Robert Hooke’s St Mary at Hill church.

It gives a glimpse into the cultural treasure house that is the Square Mile. Perfect for anyone wanting to learn a little more about the City they work or live in.

Tickets from £8.00 per person can be pre-purchased here