City Corporation signs Equal Pavements Pledge to keep streets clear

equal pavements pledge

The City of London Corporation has made a commitment to the Equal Pavements Pledge by Transport for All to keep the streets of the Square Mile clear.

Transport for All is a pan-impairment organisation which works to ensure all disabled and older people have the right to travel with freedom and independence.

They are calling on local and transport authorities across the UK to join the pledge.

The Equal Pavements Pledge consists of seven commitments, which are in line with the City Corporation’s Transport Strategy and approach to design, management and maintenance of pavements and streets.

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The commitments are to listen and act, to keep it clear, to cut the clutter, to mind the trash, to drop the kerbs, to protect Blue Badge Bays and to work with disabled experts.

Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee, Graham Packham, said: “We are absolutely committed to providing safe, accessible streets and walkways for City residents, workers and visitors, so we are pleased to support Transport for All’s Equal Pavements Pledge.

“We will ensure inclusivity on pavements across the Square Mile by continuing to meet the seven commitments within the pledge.

“The City Corporation wants to develop an inclusive and resilient City that creates jobs and opportunities for people from all backgrounds. Joining the Transport for All pledge is just one way in which we are providing that platform.”

The City of London Corporation has worked with Transport for All on a number of existing projects – including All Change at Bank and the Pedestrian Priority Programme.

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