Thousands of young Londoners join City careers festival

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Over 5,000 young Londoners will link up with a range of major companies at the London Careers Festival.

The event is run by the City of London Corporation and aims to inspire the capital’s pupils and guide them into successful careers. They will also be offered employment advice, apprenticeships and work experience.

Some of the companies that young Londoners will have a chance of meeting include, the BBC, Amazon, and Disney.

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The free festival connects students from the capital’s primary and secondary schools with the world of work and will take place over two weeks, starting with a ‘virtual’ festival this week, 27 to 29 June.

Next week’s in-person events, 3 to 7 July at the City of London’s Guildhall, and other Square Mile venues, will feature Disney, Amazon, Prince’s Trust, and KPMG. The City Corporation is also partnering again with ApprenticeFutures and Livery Schools Link.

Chair of the City Corporation’s Education Board, Caroline Haines, said: “Young people are our future. That’s why the London Careers Festival is so important. We want to fuel young Londoners’ imaginations, and shape their futures, helping the capital’s firms access the large untapped talent pool that is critical for future growth.

“London needs a diverse and resilient future workforce, with job opportunities available to people of all backgrounds, so its businesses can compete globally and create lasting value for people across the UK.”

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