Stationers’ Company launches Apprentice Futures website


The Stationers’ Company has launched a new resource focused on apprenticeships.

The website was created after the Company’s annual ‘Apprentice’ event was cancelled because of Covid-19.

The website provides stories, videos, webinars and information for students, careers advisers and potential providers in a wide variety of sectors of the communications and content industries.

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Past Master Helen Esmonde, chair of the Company’s Education Committee said: “This will enable young people and other stakeholders to explore the world of apprenticeships and some fantastic career opportunities.

“It will open doors to lead directly to over 40 employers offering an extraordinary and dynamic range of career pathways.

“We think those who make use of this website will be amazed.”

This website will lead towards ‘Apprentice 21′, which will be back at Guildhall as a central part of the London Careers Festival on the 5-6 July 2021.

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