SocAA Cities exhibition arrives at the Barbican

SocAA Cities exhibition arrives at the Barbican

As the oldest area in London, and the place from where further London grew, the City of London is home to a number of historic and rather beautiful buildings.

As you walk around the Square Mile, you will see architecture at its finest – old and new, including contrasts like parts of ancient Roman wall near skyscrapers.

From the majestic trio that is the Royal Exchange, Mansion House and the Bank of England to the Victorian Leadenhall Market and Gothic Guildhall, there are plenty of wonderful buildings to visit and view.

It’s not surprising then, that the Barbican Centre, housed in the heart of the City, is home to an architecture art exhibition this month.

Hosted by the Society for Artists in Architecture (SocAA), _Cities_ showcases the work of a selection of SocAA members. The society brings together architect-artists and other artists who enjoy architectural subject matter.

In the showcase, exhibitors explore architecture from their personal point of view, from classic oils to laser cut printing blocks linking the past with the present. Looking closely, comparing the variety of media is an education in itself.

If you enjoy art and architecture, step into _Cities_ by SocAA to have your love deepened and your mind broadened, and perhaps, even purchase a new artwork.

The event will be open to all and free to attend until 28 September 2022.
Barbican Library EC2Y 8DS

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