Six signs your vehicle may be about to breakdown


Sudden jerking, strange noises and bumpy journeys are all signs that there might be something seriously wrong with your vehicle.

And with coronavirus keeping people at home, now is an ideal time to complete an at-home MOT to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.

As vehicles become more technical there are more warning lights than ever, but these systems still miss common problems which could prove costly if left without seeking any help.

A spokesperson for said: “Some of these changes, although easy to ignore could mean you end up spending hundreds trying to rectify the issue, or even thousands on getting them fixed if left for too long.

“As soon as something changes in your vehicle it’s important to go and see a reputable mechanic. Even if it is only something small, it could end up becoming quite major if not fixed.

“You know your vehicle better than anyone else, so if it feels like something’s not right, it probably needs your attention.”

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If your vehicle suddenly starts making strange noises that you haven’t noticed before it probably means there’s been a change and something has gone wrong.

This can range from a squeaking noise reminding you to buy some new windscreen wipers, or a rattling noise in the engine which may be more serious – and costly.

This is a pretty big tell-tale sign. There is never supposed to be smoke coming out of a vehicle, so as soon as it does it’s time to pull over and get it checked out.

It could be that your catalyctic converter has broken, which is an expensive but nifty piece of kit that reduces the harmful emissions the vehicle creates.

If your car starts jerking when you’re touching the accelerator it’s time to see a mechanic. There are several reasons this could be happening, including spark plugs which need replacing, a damaged acceleration cable or blocked intakes in the engine.

If your vehicle has suddenly become an uncomfortable ride and passengers are also commenting on it, there may be something wrong with the suspension, which could ultimately cost thousands to resolve.

If you continue to drive with a broken spring it may cause the whole vehicles alignment to change which will prove costly when trying to get it fixed.

Biting point
A new clutch can easily set you back £500 so it’s important to know as soon as possible if something’s going wrong. You should feel your vehicle “bite” just as you begin to lift your foot off the clutch – your foot shouldn’t be nearly off the pedal.

If you can smell something strange when you’ve been on a journey it could be your break pads burning through. As with everything, they will need replacing when they’ve been used for a certain length of time – they won’t last for ever. If there’s a strong smell of petrol you may have a leak in the fuel tank, or even the engine.

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