Unrivalled choice at Stratstone Mayfair and why you should discover the luxury boutique today

Unrivalled choice at Stratstone Mayfair and why you should discover the luxury boutique today

Why choose a new Land Rover at Stratstone Mayfair?

If you’re still wondering what the hype is about at Stratstone Land Rover Mayfair, then let us break it down.

Stratstone Mayfair has a long, reputable history selling premium brand vehicles in the heart of London. Land Rover has a long-established reputation for building some of the world’s most desirable luxury SUVs. Combine these two together in a new, world-class, luxury boutique showroom, and you get the very best of both offerings.

All the Land Rover models superbly blend unrivalled off-road capability with a premium on-road driving experience – but what else do you need to know?
Firstly, the Land Rover line-up is split into three distinct families of vehicles, as follows:

The Defender Family

With visually compelling proportions, a go-anywhere-do-anything attitude and durability at its very core, this is Land Rover Defender.

Capable of great things, the Land Rover Defender has been reimagined for the 21st century with a reassuringly recognisable silhouette that is both familiar, yet absolutely of the moment.

The iconic Defender range starts with the three-door Defender 90, a world-class expert both on and off road. The 90 looks tough and is tough. Next is the five-door Defender 110 with the same go-anywhere-do-anything attitude as the 90, but with more space and the option to add third row seats.

More recently, and expanding the family is the new Defender 130 – where form and function combine into a commanding presence. The 130 offers a longer body length and best-in-class space for up to eight passengers with a third row of flexible seating.

Add in the Commercial Hard Top 90 and 110 variants for business users, and the Defender range is complete – and capable of travelling over just about any kind of terrain you can imagine.

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The Discovery Family

Made up of the Land Rover Discovery – the most versatile seven-seat family SUV you can buy, and its business counterpart, the Discovery Commercial – a van-based version of this exceptional SUV.

Both boast generous and uncompromised load space capacity, clever flexible interior seating, stowage options, and unquestionable all-terrain capability.

There is also the more compact sibling – the Discovery Sport that completes the family. Ready and waiting for adventure, the Discovery range represents lifestyle-enabling versatility, created with design and engineering excellence at its core.

The Range Rover Family

Every vehicle in the Range Rover family delivers optimum levels of comfort and capability.

The stable has grown in recent years to include the compact Range Rover Evoque with its distinctive coupé-like silhouette, contemporary interior and intuitive and innovative technologies.

As well as the Avant Garde Range Rover Velar which is confident, comfortable and truly enjoyable to drive, boasting a suite of advanced technologies. More recently refreshing the line-up is the visceral, dramatic, uncompromising new Range Rover Sport, a luxury performance SUV. Offering true modern opulence with the latest technologies for comfort and convenience.

And of course, there is the top-of-the-line new Range Rover, with its breathtaking modernity, assured confidence on and off-road and sustainable luxury, efficiency, and performance.

The Range Rover family represents elegance and sophistication throughout the range, from the peerless refinement of the flagship to the distinctive character of the Evoque.

Secondly, and best of all, Land Rover now has a range of plug-in electric hybrid options across the three core family ranges which offer a low-emission, fuel efficient option – without compromising on the signature, superlative performance of the brand.

From 2024 you also will be able to choose from the first of six new all-electric Land Rovers, including Range Rover. This is a significant step in the Land Rover vision to dramatically reduce pollution and achieve a truly sustainable future.

So, from compact SUVs to go-anywhere 4x4s, Stratstone Land Rover Mayfair not only have you covered, but promise to blow you away with the levels of comfort and technology integrated into every one of their vehicles, their new modern luxury boutique showroom design, and their unparalleled levels of customer service too.

What are you a waiting for? Head over to 14 Berkeley Street in Mayfair to meet the Stratstone Land Rover team today.

Search Stratstone Land Rover Mayfair online. Or visit thewebsite: www.stratstone.com/dealers/land-rover-mayfair for more information.

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