Review: Eye Yoga at home with Gymbox

Eye Yoga

Did you know that your eye strength can be linked to the tightness around your shoulders and neck? No? Neither did we!

As we go into the new year, we’re bound to feel a little weary and our eyes are no exception. Just like any muscle, your peepers need a proper workout, too. And, a break from your screen isn’t enough.

We logged on to Gymbox’s site to check out the new Eye Yoga online classes available. We wanted to SEE what it was all about.

A collection of short sessions, the eye yoga classes focus on traditional techniques to get your vision stronger than ever.

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What’s more, the moves are also known to help prevent ageing and relax your jaw and shoulders, which can help with your posture.

Using flickering flame, face massages and enlightening affirmations, the sessions felt silly at first, but we were reassured that this meant we were doing it right. Plus, the pre-recorded classes meant you were completely relaxed and alone, so no anxiety was present.

After a 20-minute session of breathing exercises, eye rolling and mindful massages, we felt calmer and more relaxed.

Plus, it’s great to practise when moving from your desk to your sofa while WFH, as it helps ease you into your evening. You’ll soon have perfect 2022 vision.

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