Record-breaking 20 candidates in the running for Mayor of London job


Londoners will head to the polls on Thursday May 6 to vote for the next Mayor of London, and we now know all the candidates who will be appearing on the ballot.

A record-breaking 20 candidates have announced they will be standing in the mayoral election, which was postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Standing alongside the candidates representing the traditional political parties are two popular Youtubers, several independents, and candidates representing smaller parties.

This year’s election also sees the formation of several new political parties, including Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party and Brian Rose’s London Real Party.

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The full list of candidates standing to be Mayor of London, in the order they will appear on the ballot, is as follows:

Shaun Bailey – Conservative Party

Kam Balayev – Renew

Sian Berry – Green Party

Count Binface – Count Binface for Mayor of London

Piers Corbyn – Let London Live

Max Fosh – Independent

Laurence Fox – The Reclaim Party

Peter Gammons – UKIP

Richard Hewison – Rejoin EU

Vanessa Hudson – Animal Welfare Party – People, Animals, Environment

Steve Kelleher – Social Democratic Party

Sadiq Khan – Labour Party

David Kurten – Heritage Party

Farah London – Independent

Valerie Brown – The Burning Pink Party

Nims Obunge – Independent

Niko Omilana – Independent

Luisa Porritt – Liberal Democrats

Mandu Reid – Women’s Equality Party

Brian Rose – London Real Party

In order to have been included on the ballot, candidates will have had to secure 66 signatures from registered voters in London, two in each borough and two from the City of London.

Candidates will have also had to pay a deposit of £10,000 to have their manifesto included in a booklet sent to all voters, with the deposit only returned if they secure at least five per cent of the votes.

According to the latest opinion polls, only four of the 20 candidates are expected to reach at least five per cent of the vote and have their deposits returned.

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