Picnic in the park

Festival Gardens
Credit City of London Corporation

Now that the summer has finally arrived, it’s time to pack that picnic basket and head to some of London’s finest parks.

There is no shortage of wonderful parks within the City of London. We have compiled a list of the best parks in the Square Mile for you to visit.

Portsoken Street Garden

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Credit City of London Corporation

Location: Goodman’s Yard, E1 8BZ

Seething Lane Garden

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Credit City of London Corporation

Location: Seething Lane Garden, EC3N 4AT

Festival Gardens

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Credit City of London Corporation

Location: St. Paul’s Churchyard, EC4M 8AD

St Andrew Holborn Garden

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Credit City of London Corporation

Location: 5 Saint Andrew Street, EC4A 3AB

Postman’s Park

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Credit City of London Corporation

King Edward Street, EC1A 7BT

Caroline Haines, Chair of the City Corporation’s Natural Environment Board, said: “The City Corporation’s parks and gardens provide green spaces for everyone who visits, works or lives in the Square Mile. Amongst the bustle of the City, these tranquil havens provide space for rest, recreation and wellbeing, where anyone can spend time in nature, relax, or picnic.”

Picnic Essentials

Not sure what to take along to the picnic? Well, worry not, we have hand-picked the best products for the gathering from Borough Market. Now all you need to do is pack your best pair of sunglasses, and get ready to enjoy the sunny weather, delicious food and drink.

Trader: Bath Soft Cheese Co at Borough Market

Price: £8.00

Description: This square cheese comes wrapped in parchment paper with a red wax seal. This cheese is a four inch square and weighs approximately 260 grams.

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Tinned Fish Co

Trader: The Tinned Fish Market

Product: Mussels in Escabeche

Price: £3.80

Description: Galician mussels are said to be the best. These come packed in escabeche for bite and are delicious on thin crackers with cream cheese and chopped parsley.

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Credit City of London Corporation

Trader: Borough Olives

Product: Mixed Olives With Coriander, Thyme, Coriander Seeds, Garlic, Orange Juice

Price: £3.55

Description: A mix of the Chalkidiki and Kalamata Olives, a combination of two classic olives. A great addition to any picnic.

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Credit City of London Corporation

Trader: Olivier’s Bakery

Product: Le Rustic bread 800g

Price: £5.00

Trader: Food & Forest

Product: Almond, Orange, And Vanilla Brittle 100G

Price: £5.99

Description: Roasted in a rich caramel flavoured with orange oil, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt.

Trader: The Parma Ham & Mozzarella Stand

Product: Salami Toscano (100g)

Price: £5.50

Description: From Lucca, this wonderful, full flavoured salami is made using pork from the Cinta Senese pig and seasoned with garlic, Tuscan Sangiovese wine, and black peppercorns, before being cured for a minimum of four months.

Fancy a tipple?

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Credit City of London Corporation

Trader: Borough Wines

Product: Sustainable Wine Refill

Price: £3 for the bottle and £7.50 to fill it up

Description: They began their journey at Borough Market back in 2002 with its straight-from-the-barrel, wine on tap concept – a wine refill system that’s great for environment and customer alike.

Supermarket grabs


M&S have got you covered with their new Bellante Prosecco, and they come in both white and rosé. These Bellante Proseccos are presented in stunning bespoke cut-glass bottles and perfect for those picture-perfect ‘gram moments.


If you’re heading to your nearest Waitrose, then be sure to grab a bottle or two of Chandon Garden Spritz. This refreshing spritz is produced from sparkling wine and orange peel liqueur – perfect for this summer weather. Looking for a few nibbles? Why not try, Waitrose’s Summer Sweet Chilli Jam Pork Sausage Rolls and the Summer two Scotch Eggs are a perfect addition to any picnic. The Sicilian Lemon & Mascarpone Profiteroles are also a winner and will undoubtedly keep everyone sweet.

Rochambeau Club

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Credit Rochambeau Club

Why not try a new delicious wine from The fictitious, Rochambeau Club this month? A lovely distinguished but welcoming members-only institution located “somewhere” on the Côte d’Azur. The perfect bottle to take along to your picnic. This wine boasts excellent mineral structure with subtle notes of white peach and citrus, with a beguiling, refreshing finish.


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