Pan Pacific’s Robbie Leung reveals the top fitness trends for 2022

Robbie Leung at Pan Pacific London

As we start to settle into the new year, health and wellbeing is certainly at the forefront of our minds. However, it might not be as easy as signing up to a class with our busy schedules and having put our workouts on the backburner.

So, we spoke to former athlete and Director of Wellbeing at Pan Pacific hotel, Robbie Leung, on getting back into our stride and the top fitness trends for london

Hi Robbie, can you tell us a little bit about your role at Pan Pacific?

As Director of Wellbeing, my role oversees our wellbeing concept, strategy and execution within Pan Pacific London. For me, the most important responsibility is to educate and enhance others on how we can look after every single guest, resident and associate team member. A lot of people will automatically link wellbeing with health, fitness, beauty etc, it is absolutely correct but also having a great wellbeing concept will improve and increase everyone’s performance in and out of work and overall guest experience.

What led you to the role?

Having experienced being a professional athlete, held the position as a Human Performance Coach within F1 and served in management roles in luxury health clubs and pre-opening projects, I was lucky enough to be involved with the opening of the first Mondrian property in Southwark London back in 2014. Since then, I have travelled the world opening and supporting hotels within their wellbeing concept and strategy. When Pan Pacific London decided to enter into the European market together with the amazing General Manager Anne Golden (who I’ve previously worked with at Morgans Hotel Group). I knew this would be a great opportunity to support the brand to excel within London and globally. Bringing the future of wellbeing to Europe and globally.

How does this differ from most?

I built our concept on three pillars: High Performance, Education and Accessibility, while also linking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements within our overall concept is definitely one of our USP’s. We carefully designed our wellbeing treatment menu with those pillars in mind, offering our guests a variety of wellbeing options from the 24-Hour Wellbeing Experience, Seasonal Rituals (which will change quarterly dependent on weather, touch, smell and feel) and the body assessment which can calculate your internal and external body finishing off with a allergy test from our in-house nutritionist.
But not only is the concept impressive, our interior and architecture also brings a wow factor to the overall experience. Having over 11000sqft of complete wellbeing space, we have also taken out the idea of having the facilities in the basement like most luxury hotels and raised it to the 4th floor including an 18.5 meter infinity pool overlooking central London with floor to ceiling glass windows and therefore lots of natural daylight.

What does a typical day look like?

I would say a mixture of hecticness and fun! Like any other senior role, my typical day includes a lot of meetings and admin work which I needed to attend. But strategy planning and being on top of the current market and trends would be my everyday task as well as ensuring my team is encouraged and supported daily. I’m not really a 9-5 person who likes to sit in an office so I generally like to physically be on the floor and walk around the hotel making sure everyone is smiling and motivated. Working within the hospitality and wellbeing industry, human engagement and emotional communication is a MUST. Seeing all the satisfied and happy guests (and team) always gives you that extra motivation and drive to think how we can do it even better next time.

What does Pan Pacific London offer guests?

Where should I start – this can go on for a few days! Here at Pan Pacific London, our mission is very simple. Making wellbeing accessible to our guests everywhere and every-day. Meaning we have partnered up with marketing leaders in high performance, self-care, nutrition, recovery and sleep.

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Pan Pacific, photo by Jack Hardy
Within the concept at Pan Pacific London, what are the two packages you’re most proud of?

Firstly, the Pan Pacific London Body Assessment. With the support of PNOE, the world’s leading automatic VO2 and metabolic analysing system, the test will provide an in-depth analysis of heart, lung, muscular and neuromuscular function in real time. Continue with our signature D-Wall technology that captures up to 16 body articulations and every movement performed in front of its 3D camera. Complete this 360-degree assessment with food intolerance and allergy testing with our in-house nutritionist. Secondly, the 24-hour Wellbeing Experience. Mixing high performances, self-care, nutrition, recovery and sleep. According to our guest’s schedule and diary, our wellbeing connoisseur can arrange and plan the guest wellbeing requirement before they even arrive at the hotel. The whole experience includes one physical element, one treatment, both recovery and sleeping element within our guest room, finishing off with a self-care pack. Making it one of the most advanced 24-hour wellbeing experiences within any hotel globally.

Can you use the facilities if you are not a guest?

With 237 rooms and 160 luxury apartments within One Bishopsgate Plaza, we wanted to truly understand the traffic flow and demand before opening our wellbeing floor to the public. Therefore, it is currently exclusively opened for hotel guests and residents only. But, of course, in the near future we will start introducing exclusive memberships and allocation for spa treatment to non-guests.

What advice would you give to someone who has put fitness on a backburner due to the pandemic?

In the past two years, we have experienced a lot of stop and start due to the pandemic. But, personally, I always believe in starting with something you absolutely love, i.e. walking, team or individual sport, outdoor or indoor activities. Because as soon as you start moving, your energy levels will increase. More motivation to complete different tasks means you’re more likely to achieve something you have always dreamt of. Remember, wellbeing is a lifestyle and a marathon. So take one step at a time and be patient and there is no quick fix.

What are the top fitness trends for 2022?

There are three trends which I can see will continue to grow:
1. Digital fitness will carry on to grow and increase due to the current climate
2. Fitness gadgets. It will still be the top trend because of the accessibility, customisation, wide selection and options within the market
3. The trend of compact home workout equipment will continue to increase due to working from home, flexible working hours and the uncertainty.

What is your favourite piece of equipment at Pan Pacific?

I have to say there are two:
PNOE – A portable metabolic analyser measuring breath by breath data. PNOE utilises the gold standard method for accurate ergospirometry. Extreme accuracy is a result of its proprietary hardware design and software enabled sensing technology. D-WALL by Tecnobody – The high-tech digital mirror not only allows you to perform each motor gesture with maximum control, but also makes it possible to analyse the performance in real time according to precise parameters. D-WALL recognises in real time up to 16 body articulations and every movement performed in the operative area. Every action, in front of D-WALL, provides an immediate bio-feedback. This is the revolution of the digital mirror!

What do you do to relax?

What I do and enjoy the most is to relax on the sofa and have jazz music playing in the background. I find that extremely relaxing and I’d love a good whiskey now and then. I also believe the methods of relaxation is customised to every individual and the mood you are in. So, my best advice is to go with the flow and see what makes you happy and relaxed on that day.

Where in the City do you eat when looking for something healthy?

There’re so many healthy places to eat nowadays in London, personally I don’t physically go out and find healthy places. I always believe you can eat whatever you enjoy but in a moderate amount. Wellbeing is a lifestyle therefore, you should be able to go out and enjoy yourself. But, if I have to choose, I would say Honi Poke, as it does amazing food and Tom’s Kitchen is a pretty relaxed place to eat if you haven’t already tried it.

What is your cheat day foodie favourite?

Chocolate brownies with ice cream. I love a really good tuna tartare, but it’s still very good for you.

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