Corp recognised at National Air Quality Awards


The City Corporation has been recognised at the 2018 National Air Quality Awards for its collaboration on air quality with Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School.

The National Air Quality Awards celebrate the successes of industry, local authorities, transport and technology providers in driving down air pollution and improving air quality.

Some 80 entries were made by 30 organisations and individuals nominated across nine categories.

The collaboration between the local authority and the school began in 2003 with the installation of a 24-hour air quality monitoring station in the playground.

Policies brought in to improve air quality include planting air quality plants throughout the school grounds, green walls made from ivy screens, new air filtration units in classrooms and teaching pupils how to reduce their exposure to air pollution.

Jeremy Simons, chairman of the environment committee, said: “This award is testament to all the staff who have worked so tirelessly to improve air quality at the school.

“Together we are dedicated to keeping the school safe, healthy and with good air quality for all its pupils.

“By working in partnership with developers, car private hire firms, charities and local authorities we will continue to take important steps towards clean air in the Square Mile.”

In April, new research revealed air pollution at the school fell below the legal annual limit for the first time since monitoring began in 2003.

The data, gathered by the City Corporation and verified by King’s College London, showed that levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) fell below annual limits in 2017. Levels of particles of PM10 and PM2.5 continue to be below government limits.

Alex Allan, headteacher of Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School, said:“It is fantastic that the hard work of so many people to improve the quality of life of our children has been recognised.

“Much work has been done and many gains have been made. But we need to continue in our dedication to improving air quality so that our children can grow up to be as healthy as possible.”

Cover image by Bmagny (Creative Commons).