Local Assembly Member calls for contributions to consultation on making misogyny a hate crime


Unmesh Desai AM is calling on City & East London residents to add their views to a newly opened consultation on making misogyny a hate crime.

Mr Desai has been vocally backing this campaign since 2016, and said that “public harassment and abuse” is a “sad and utterly unacceptable reality for so many women in our capital”.

The Law Commission recently launched a consultation into designating gender as a protected characteristic under hate crime law, alongside race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and transgender identity.

It is now calling for evidence from those who have experienced any form of hate crime, alongside experts in the area.

This comes in the wake of a recent study, published by Citizens UK, which reveals that women are around three times more likely to be subject to sexual violence and threats than men.

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Mr Desai welcomed the Mayor’s public support for proposals to recognise misogyny as a hate crime in March, after lobbying the Met Police to follow the lead of other pilot schemes across the country.

The consultation deadline has been set for 24 December.

Mr Desai said: “It is a sad and utterly unacceptable reality that for so many women in our capital are subject to public harassment and abuse on a daily basis.

“Recognising gender as a protected characteristic under hate crime law will boost our efforts to tackle the scourge violence against women and girls.

“The launch of this consultation is a positive step towards making misogyny a hate crime- something I have been long campaigning for.

“As part of this, it is important that the Law Commission is able to examine a wide range of evidence and testimonies. I would encourage local people who have experienced hate crime to contribute to the consultation before the December deadline.”

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