Learning Japanese with SOAS

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Meet Shin Okajima, Japanese & Korean Coordinator at Language Centre, SOAS.

Below, Shin Okajima talks about his latest publication which helps with learning the Japanese language, either as part of a course or as a self study resource.

Hi, my Name is Shin Okajima, I am the language specialist at SOAS Language Centre.news london

My expertise is in Theoretical Linguistics and Analytical philosophy, specifically grammar, semantic representation and phonology.

I have been at SOAS University for over two decades and have worked with many students learning Japanese, so I am familiar with the difficulties they can face.

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An opportunity arose for me to write a textbook with a very ambitious purpose – to cover Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT) specifications to N5 level JLPT N5 specs to cover grammar, vocabulary and Kanji in 20 chapters. I could not say no to the challenge.

The result is my book Japanese Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook. I deliberately wrote it as if I was talking to the student directly. I also made the Kanji section more challenging, as I was encouraged to use my initiatives by my editor. The book shows you the importance of helping students think more when encountering difficulties and helping them to understand and retain information with ease.

If you’re looking to learn Japanese, visit soas.ac.uk/languagecentre/languages

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