SOAS University students reveal positive results

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SOAS University of London has been listed in the top 25 in the UK in the World Reputation Rankings 2021, according to the Times Higher Education. So, with this in mind, we heard from the students themselves.

“Upon finally finding out that SOAS Language Centre was running online courses in Persian and since making the choice to enrol, I have not at all been disappointed.

“This has been the most positive and progressive experience in learning the Persian language thus far. The dedication, kindness but also challenges set by my teacher has been gracefully encouraging and has been a welcome change in contrast to my previous experiences in learning Persian.

“The group and atmosphere are really positive, and a nice energy is maintained throughout the lessons collectively. I’ve enjoyed the various levels and ages of the group and I find it really inspiring that there are so many people learning the language, from different walks of life. It is with my sincerest gratitude that I am enjoying and appreciating my lessons. It is my sincerest wish to continue to learn and grow, with the hopes that I will own my heritage, and my citizenship.”
Kayvon (Persian Short Course)

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“At the age of 67 and not having had formal instruction for a number of years, I had been rather daunted by the prospect of absorbing so much new material. But my tutor was so patient and encouraging that he not only put me at my ease, but also motivated me to push myself out of my comfort zone.

“I’m something of an old technophobe and do not have access at home to a computer, or scanner. My tutor noted this and helpfully provided hard copies of all the material I required. Moreover, he patiently gave me instruction and useful tips on how to access on my smartphone some of the most relevant and helpful online information.

“After 15 hours of tailored tuition, I feel I’ve made significant progress in my study of the Thai language and have also been given the confidence, motivation and means to continue with effective home study.

“After such a positive experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending tailored language tuition at SOAS to other students of Thai who are frustrated and
disappointed with the very limited range of other worthwhile options in London.”
David S. (Tailored Thai Sessions)

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