Kym’s lobster brunch at the Bloomberg Arcade

kym's lobster brunch london bloomberg arcade city square mile

We’ve sampled countless brunches in and around the City of London, but few compare to Kym’s latest lobster brunch deal at the Bloomberg Arcade.

It is pure decadence. For £45, you get three-courses and can indulge in bottomless drinks for just another £15. It’s certainly not the cheapest but it is a super reasonable price for all you get it.

First off, get around on of Kym’s Bloody Mary shot dusted with smoked paprika and some homemade pickles while you wait for all the magic to come. And treat yourself to a round of Bellinis while you’re at it too.

And as soon as you place the empty shot of Bloody Mary on the table, the incredibly attentive staff will sweep over, wipe the table and remove the glass in no time. It’s like it was never there. Then, from the other side, another member of staff slides in with the first main course – Sunny-Side Up Sourdough Prawn Toast with either candied bacon or smoked salmon. This is our new favourite dish that we are going to have to try at home.

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Sit within these stunning surrounds. Photo by Gavriil Papadiotis

From what we gather, they’ve put crushed prawns onto toast and grilled it with a heap of sesame seeds. They then add an egg yolk and tadaa – brunch heaven. And that candied bacon. Dear god that is tasty.

Next is half of an entire lobster for each person. That’s damn good. Choose from either the poached Kym’s soy or roasted typhoon shelter style lobster. If you have a guest, be sure to get one of each as they are both spectacular.

The poached lobster comes in a sweet and sour sauce with glass noodles, chilli and coriander. Then the roasted version is like an explosion of flavour in your face. The lobster has been removed, roasted and then stuffed back in with chilli sauce, fried mushrooms and shallots and even more tasty chilli glaze.

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The sesame prawn toasts are to die for

You can manage most of these lobsters with the chopsticks, but the obligatory shellfish tools are on hand for those who want to crack open even further to scrape out all the last morsel of lobster hiding in amongst the shell. Making a mess is ok here. It’s even encouraged by the delightfully friendly staff – despite it being a somewhat formal space

But the main course doesn’t end there. They even add a small portion of their famous Three Treasures. This comes with crispy pork belly, soy Chicken and Iberico Pork Char Sui on top of jasmine rice and ginger. They could get away with just the lobster, but this extra touch is what sends it over the edge.

By the end of it all. You will feel properly full (without the awful post-feasting sickness) and hopefully a bit merry too. After going for either unlimited beer, plum Bellinis or red and white wine.

But it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. And she certainly loves cake. Kym’s comes in the form of their Yuzu Layered Cake with cinnamon and raspberries. It’s a light pallet cleanser that helps send you on your way into the quiet Bloomberg Arcade – perhaps to explore more of the area’s top dining destinations.