Guildhall School launches Guildhall Live Events


On 20 November, Guildhall School of Music & Drama launched an innovative new department – Guildhall Live Events. Specialising in creating immersive and interactive digital experiences for external clients, Guildhall Live Events has been set up to act as a conduit between the professional artistic, creative and entertainment industries and the world class educational practices of Guildhall School.

Guildhall Live Events combines innovative and advanced design with solid experience of successful live events delivery. Immersive and interactive digital experiences are a growing area of employment in the arts sector, and Guildhall School are at the forefront of training the next generation of designers, technicians and production professionals for this industry.

Guildhall Live Events’ mission is to support their education in real world contexts while delivering professional quality projects for commercial and cultural clients, creating outstanding content for all audiences.

Sean Gregory, Director of Innovation and Engagement at Guildhall School and Barbican says: “Guildhall School has been presenting ground-breaking work in this area for some time now, led by Dan Shorten and his highly talented team, so I am delighted that Guildhall Live Events is now fully established.

“Collaboration and innovation sit at the heart of this partnership between a conservatoire and industry where students and staff produce high level, professional work for hundreds and thousands of people to enjoy.”

Led by award-winning director and designer Dan Shorten, the team draws upon expertise from the production arts, drama and music production departments at the School.

Their celebrated work has been engaged by various nationwide clients in recent years, including at renowned festivals, touring theatre, and exclusive private events. Beasts of London at the Museum of London was one of their major achievements too.

All income generated goes back into supporting Guildhall School, one of the world’s leading conservatoires and drama schools.