Flat Iron Liverpool Street to open with free beef giveaway


On 23 January (Thursday), following a successful pop-up with The Winemakers Club, Flat Iron is permanently opening the doors to its Liverpool Street restaurant. Located right in the City of London, Flat Iron will be celebrating the launch by giving away free cuts of beef from a 28-month-old Wagyu. That’s a lot of free steak people!

All the usual specials will also be introduced on the night, from sirloin to rib eye, with the signature Flat Iron steak taking centre stage. Flat Iron’s beef dripping chips will be available alongside cult-favourite creamed spinach and Sophie’s salad with blue cheese, candied pecans and lemon dressing.

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Don’t miss those beef dripping fries either

For dessert, there’ll be bowls filled with a Flat Iron classic, a rich Cru Virunga chocolate mousse, made with ethically-sourced chocolate from the Congo, topped with dark Amarena cherries. A selection of the pop up’s most popular wines will also be on offer, both by the Magnum and by the litre – you’ll be saving on the meat front so go all out on the booze.

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For those who are unable to make it to the giveaway, a range of lesser known cuts including a Cornish Denver, rib fingers and the Flat Iron burger will be chalked up daily on the blackboards.

“We were thrilled with the response from our pop-up with The Winemakers Club, and we are so excited to announce that Flat Iron will be opening permanently at Bevis Marks. We’re constantly testing the flavour and quality of various herds – it’s a very stringent selection process so 28-month-old Wagyu is going to be amazing.  We can’t wait to throw open the doors and give our customers the opportunity to try our Flat Iron steak and other special cuts” says Founder Charlie.

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