Cutting meat and dairy out of your diet for Veganuary is hard. That's why we've curated this list of the very best vegan friendly dining spots in and around the Square Mile.

Veganuary is well underway with people all over London working hard to cut out that precious cheese and meat from their diet. We don’t know how you guys do it. Honestly, we salute you.

And we understand how hard it can be to go full vegan in the Square Mile, with so many restaurants having meat heavy menus. A lot of places are tailored to the traditional finance guys in suits who need their daily steak.

But we have been digging around to find the very best vegan-friendly places in and around the City. There’s a mixture of high-end restaurants, laid-back cafés, and quick but tasty fast-food spots that’ll make getting through Veganuary just that little bit easier.

Vanilla Black

These guys are the champions of vegetarian cooking in the City. You won’t find any meat or fish on the menu here. And, even better, no basic dishes like a mushroom risotto, pasta bake or curry. The chefs and owners see the cooking of vegetarian and vegan food as a culinary challenge. It pushes them to be more inventive.

And the result is brilliant fine dining food served to a whole array for people. It’s not only vegetarians and vegans who frequent Vanilla Black. This is food everyone can enjoy. And while they aren’t strictly vegan, anyone wanting to stay away from animal products are well looked after.
17-18 Took’s Court EC4A 1LB

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Every dish at Vanilla Black is given a huge amount of attention

Leila’s Shop

Leila’s is a local favourite among those in the know. It’s hidden by Arnold Circus in Shoreditch and boasts both a café and shop.

The café’s menu changes almost every day and what they cook depends entirely on what is fresh and seasonal. They do serve some meat and a decent amount of cheese, but everything is centred around vegetables.

Each meal can easily be made vegan as the kitchen is extremely tolerant and flexible. Diners can then pop next door to buy all manners of local produce, including fruit and veg, wine and locally made cooking gear and ceramics.
15-17 Calvert Avenue E2 7JP


Ottolenghi is the king of cooking in London. And his food is very heavy on the veg. Yes, he certainly does a mean quail and sea bream, but that’s not everything.

Unlike most restaurants whose vegan options are a second thought, Ottolenghi slaves away in his Camden test kitchen, thinking of new and exciting ways to cook without animal products.

Look out for the massive table overflowing with inventive salads, different kinds of roasted or pickled veg, and plenty of beetroot hummus dip. Vegans will leave Ottolenghi’s well and truly satisfied.
50 Artillery Lane E1 7LJ

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Ottolenghi’s salads are famous. And mostly vegan

Wedge Issue

The menu at Wedge offers six different kinds of vegan pizzas – something basically unheard of in London. Each is stone baked and available for delivery.

Try the vegan version of a Margarita with fresh San Marzano tomato sauce or The Clerkenwell pizza with peppers, courgette, mushrooms, onion and artichoke on a crispy base. Most of their beers are vegan, too, so that’s an extra win for the die-hard vegans.
91-95 Clerkenwell Road EC1R 5BX


This vegan burger bar in Shoreditch smashes out a whole host of delicious animal free burgers instead of just offering one second-thought vegetarian option.

They’re famous for their faux pulled pork burger – the ‘Pulled Mooshie’ – made from slow cooked BBQ jackfruit and coleslaw. But we go mad for their ‘What’s Your Beef?’ Burger made with a quinoa and black bean patty, homemade burger sauce, caramelised onions, vegan cheese and pickles.

They can even throw them in a gluten free bun. So, no matter what food intolerances or allergies you may have, Mooshies has you sorted.
104 Brick Lane E1 6RL

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These vegan burgers are so tasty you’ll forget there’s no meat or dairy


These guys are all about creating variations on the classic combo of falafels and hummus. This is the staple of any vegan diet but can be all too hard to find in the City.

Fortunately, Pipel chains are located all over the Square Mile including Aldgate, Spitalfields, St Paul’s and Fleet Street. Every Monday to Friday, they’re serving quick takeaway falafel wraps with roasted aubergines and sundried tomatoes or hummus pots with all kinds of vegetables and pita bread. It’s simple. It’s fast. And it’s super vegan-friendly.
Various locations

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