City residents and workers asked to give views on sexual and reproductive health services

City residents and workers asked to give views on sexual and reproductive health services
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The City Corporation is asking residents, workers, partners, and service users to have their say on a draft sexual and reproductive health strategy for the City of London and Hackney.

A consultation is taking place throughout the summer on its five themes healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships, good reproductive health across the life course, STI prevention and treatment, getting to zero new HIV transmissions and vulnerable populations and those with complex needs.

Within those five themes it is important that young people receive comprehensive and inclusive information through, for example, sex and relationship education at school, to help them make healthy choices.

It is also vital that everyone who needs reproductive health services knows where to access them. These services include many things, such as contraception, fertility services, terminations, menopause, and sexual assault services.

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Another important theme is reducing the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and reinfections through improved treatment and care, including partner notification.

It’s also important for City workers and residents to understand how to reduce HIV infections by improving access to medication. Lastly, there is a need to improve the understanding of the needs of vulnerable groups and those with more complex needs, and to ensure the right information is clear and easy to access.

Chairman of the City Corporation’s Community and Children’s Services Committee, Ruby Sayed, said: “We want to support people to have better sexual and reproductive health. This means fewer sexually transmitted infections, access to the full range of contraception and easier access to services.”

You can take part in the survey until September 20. To find out more about the consultation, read a summary of the draft strategy and access the survey here: Sexual Health – City of London.

You can also sign up to the online discussions.

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