City workers urged to donate with new tap and go devices

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The City of London Corporation is launching an alternative giving campaign to help the City’s homeless and rough sleeper population by donating money through four new contactless card points.

Londoners will be able to donate £3 a time to homelessness charity Beam, by tapping their debit and credit cards on contactless devices at the City of London Information Centre at St Paul’s Churchyard, Barbican Library, Tower Bridge Engine Room, and the Guildhall West Wing reception window.

People can also support the campaign by donating online, and City firms can sign up to put devices in their premises at by visiting

The campaign will run for three months and, if successful, more contact points could be rolled out across other City locations.

Marianne Fredericks, chairman of City of London Corporation’s homelessness and rough sleeping sub-committee said: “In a culture where people are increasingly using their debit and credit cards and carrying very little cash, this is an effective and efficient way to help the most vulnerable in our society.

“The funds raised through these devices will go towards the essential, often lifesaving work being carried out by Beam.

“Working with our partners we are supporting rough sleepers to make real life-changes, leading to training, jobs and long-term accommodation and helping them get off the streets for good.

“I hope City business will embrace this campaign and help provide even more locations for the alternative giving tap machines.”

If you would like to know how you can get involved in the campaign, send an email to [email protected].