Artist unveils replica of childhood home on City footbridge


From Gherkins to Walkie Talkies, buildings come in all shapes and sizes in the Square Mile, but the latest addition to the the City skyline comes in the form of a traditional Korean cottage on a footbridge above Wormwood Street.

Bridging Home, London was created by artist Do Ho Suh as a replica of his childhood home, complete with bamboo garden and made to look as though it has been ‘dropped’ on the pedestrian bridge near Liverpool Street station.

The installation was unveiled on 24 September as a joint commission by arts festival Art Night and as the final installation for the year-long public art exhibition Sculpture in the City.

It is Do Ho Suh’s first large scale outdoor installation in London, and has been described as a reflection of moving across continents and between cultures, particularly the migrant experience in East London and what it means to belong.

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Bridging Home, London was created by artist Do Ho Suh as a replica of his childhood home.

‘It is hugely rewarding to create a public work in London, my adopted home,” he said.

“For me, a building is more then just space. It is not only physical but also metaphorical and psychological. In my work I want to draw out these intangible qualities of energy, history, life and memory.”

Bridging Home, London will be on display for the next six months.

Art Night founders Ksenia Zemtsova and Philippine Nguyen said they were “immensely proud” to see the work come to life after nearly two years of work.

Bridging Home, London will transform a special, unusual space – a public footbridge – in the hustle and bustle of the City of London, and we look forward to seeing the artwork engaged with by the many visitors, residents and commuters in the area.”