Wine bars to check out this month

New Street Wine
Credit New Street Wine

Whether you’re looking for a wine bar to relax in after a long days work or one to fill you with energy as you enjoy tasty food with live entertainment, we’ve scoured the City to find wine bars that stand above the rest.

New Street Wine

As soon as you step inside New Street Wine, you’re under no illusion as to what you’ve just got yourself in for. With walls lined with rows and rows of wine from all over the world and ranging in all different distinctions it’s a marvel just to look at the wine selection. This is all before you’re greeted by the friendly and extremely informed staff that are more than happy to guide you to your seat and get you started. You can either take a look at their extensive wine menu or feel free to get up and go look for your first glass yourself, just be aware that there are over 500 bottles on the shelves so you might find yourself taking a while.

Once you’ve chosen your particular wine of choice you can also started thinking of their food, which is also up to their very high standards. We can wholeheartedly recommend the cheese and cured meats, equally beautifully presented and packed with amazing flavour that pairs perfectly with your choice of wine, simply superb. On top of being a great place to go grab a glass of wine after work or with friends, they also offer tailored wine tasting for those wanting to take their wine skills to the next level. Combined with the ability to host private events for up to 80 standing and New Street Wine might be as far as you need to look for a great wine spot in the City.

Steam Wine Bar

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Credit Stream Wine Bar

Tucked away behind the side of a building Steam Wine Bar might be a place people walk by without knowing but this hidden gem in the City deserves a limelight for its excellent quality service and friendly staff. Steam Wine Bar prides itself on treating you like an old friend right from the word go with them certainly living up to the slogan “Come as a customer, leave as a friend”. The warm aesthetic of the venue invites you to stop by the bar to pick up a drink and for a minute forget the hustle and bustle of the street outside.

Relax into their comfy seats as you peruse their wine list, their ‘Hidden Gems’ and ‘Treat Yourself’ sections are certainly hard not to pick from but whatever you go for you’re not going to go wrong. Steam Wine Bar is also known for their events, be it quiz nights, comedy nights, sports evenings with special guests or just a private function for up to 120 people sitting down, they having nothing but positive feedback for the past 18 years. Paired with some of their hearty food along with friends, family or colleagues and you’re looking at a place that you’re going to be coming back to time and time again.

Hithe + Seek

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Credit Hithe + Seek

From the moment we stepped inside Hithe + Seek we knew we were in good hands. With a fantastic view of the river and the Shakespeare’s Globe it’s hard not to take your eyes off it as welcoming staff guide you to your table. With its stylish and modern interior, you instantly feel transported away from the hustle and bustle of the City and in a total different world altogether.

Once settled in, it just gets better and better, their wine list is filled to the brim with a plethora of international wines from both the old and new world. From Merlot filled with intense red fruit flavours to Malbecs with subtle earthy tones, there’s a wine for everyone’s taste. Then there is the food, where each dish can be paired with a wine specifically selected to pair and enhance the flavours of the dish. Try some Grilled Galatian octopus paired with Alois Lageder Manzoni Bianco or perhaps Braised Mangalitza pork belly with Nebbiolo Arpepe Rosso Di Valtellina, simply divine. This all cumulates in an evening of unforgettable wine and food, all to a world class backdrop to make you never want to leave. We had high expectations for Hithe + Seek but they blew us out the water with their incredible wine, food and service.

BloomsYard – 100 Liverpool St

Located above Liverpool Street station the BloomsYard – 100 Liverpool St café and wine bar has achieved a near perfect balance of comfort and sophisticated style. In the day it’s a great spot to grab a bagel and enjoy a fresh cup of their specialty coffee. But come night and they change the game, after 17:30 they lower the lights and the comfortable sofas in the day are now the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine. It’s hard to find a more relaxed atmosphere where you can finish up work or socialise with friends and colleagues after a long day. Open five days a week they run late nights on Wednesday and Thursday where you can relax long until the evening, right up until 20:00.

Alongside a relaxing evening drink, they also offer the opportunity to host private functions, where they can accommodate parties for up to 200 standing. Private venues are able to book out the wine bar up until midnight, and just when you’re thinking how to get home you remember you’re standing almost directly on a tube station, sorted. BloomsYard -100 Liverpool St Café Wine is putting itself apart from the competition with its high-quality service, great selection of wines and the ability to cater for anyone’s ideas.

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