Will Corby on how a cup of coffee can be force for good


Brits are now consuming at least 95million cups of coffee per day, an increase from 70m in 2008. It’s clear that our country’s drinking habits have shifted hugely, with coffee shops now a destination and coffee machines and reusable cups creating a boom in ‘at home’ baristas.

Many of us are also comfortable experimenting with roasts, blends, and brewing techniques. You can even have coffee delivered direct to your door. At Pact, we offer flexible plans to suit all budgets and palates, opening you up to a whole new world of flavour and ensuring great tasting coffee by delivering freshly ground, roasted and packed speciality coffee within seven days.

However, there are still many coffee drinkers who buy the commodity coffee option you can find at the supermarket, which is most of the coffee sold in the UK.

And sadly, without realising, many people are contributing to a global crisis by doing so. The C-Market is broken. Worldwide supply and demand of coffee impacts this commodity market, which is also influenced by the predicted future price. Coffee prices have been driven to an all-time low due to record harvests of arabica in Brazil.

This volatility in the C-market is driving coffee prices down and threatening the sustainability of the industry, the livelihoods of the coffee farmers, and their communities. Farmers are not only battling against the effects of climate change on their crops, they’re also being exploited by not being offered fair prices for their crops.

This makes it near impossible for growers to predict their income for the coming season and budget for their household and farming needs. At Pact we put a lot of care and attention into what we do to deliver daily moments of joy to our customers and to support the 200 farmers we work with across the globe.

We trade directly with farmers, which means we source the best coffee in the world while ensuring unbeatable pay – at least 25% – 125% above the Fairtrade price. Our goal is to get coffee drinkers to understand the value of speciality coffee and the impact their choice to buy it can have on the communities at origin.

It’s a win-win: customers get a fantastic cup of coffee and that revenue supports the livelihood of the communities who grow it.

Working directly with the farmers at origin also means we source some of the world’s most incredible coffee. Coffee flavour is a broad spectrum, with most supermarket brands just offering you one
slice. Our plans offer a choice of coffee from 13 individual farms rotating from a selection of hundreds globally, and with a range of roast profiles to suit all palettes.

By signing up to a plan with a speciality coffee like Pact – that trades directly with farmers – you are guaranteed great tasting coffee every morning, safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to support the people who work hard to put that cuppa in your hand.