“We need our incredible donors in London to step up this Easter,” says Director of Donor Experience at NHS Blood and Transplant

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Mark Chambers, Director of Donor Experience at NHS Blood and Transplant is urging Londoners to donate blood ‘this Easter and beyond’.

Supplies of blood are more likely to decrease around public holidays like Easter and May Bank Holidays due to people taking leave from work or going on holiday.

With over 4000 appointments available at London donor centres over the next two weeks, the NHS are recommending people to book appointments. Those with O negative blood type are particularly encouraged to donate, though all types remain in demand.

Chambers said: “As we enter the Easter and Spring bank holiday period it is vital that we continue to collect enough blood to meet hospital demand.

“We need our incredible donors in London to step up this Easter, especially if they have the O neg blood group, to make and keep an appointment for the next few weeks or re-schedule if they can’t attend.

“Our fantastic teams at Shepherd’s Bush, Stratford, Tooting and West End donor centres will be delighted to welcome you. Every appointment counts this Easter and beyond.”

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Donated blood is used to treat patients with cancer, blood disorders and those suffering medical trauma or undergoing surgery. Each donation can save or improve up to three lives.

Existing donors who are eligible to donate are prompted to make and keep an appointment at one of the capital’s donor centres.

Over the next fortnight:

· Shepherd’s Bush Donor Centre has 914 available slots

· Stratford Donor Centre has 1,446 available slots

· Tooting Donor Centre has 568 available slots

· West End Donor centre has 1,297 available slots

Register now and book an appointment at www.blood.co.uk, on the GiveBloodNHS app or call 03001232323.

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