Tried & Tested: The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel spa


We’re meant to relax, go on holiday and drink out in the sun with all our mates throughout summer. We’re told we shouldn’t be stressed or tired. Life should be carefree when the sun is out.

But while we get to have more fun and be social, we still have to work the normal hours and forge ahead with all kinds of life admin.

Other responsibilities don’t go away. So we end up having even less time for ourselves than we normally would. Yes, having fun can actually be stressful. That’s why we absolutely love to plan a few staycations in London so we can pamper ourselves and escape.

And going to the lush St Pancras Renaissance Hotel spa is beyond ideal; enter through the enormous gateway, get greeted by the friendly concierge, and immediately forget all your problems. Leave them with reception so you can choose to either pick them back up on your way out or leave them there altogether.

What is it?

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is known for many things. We instantly think of the Spice Girls music video for Wannabe and dream of dancing through the grand staircase with them.

Others will instantly think of the impressive Gothic architecture and the extravagant parties held within the enormous palace-like space.

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It feels like you’re walking around a labyrinth in the spa facility

But it’s time more people knew about the large basement complex – the spa. The maze of corridors leads to a huge array of treatment rooms, relaxation spaces, saunas, the pool, and even an LED-lit steam room. You could easily spend an entire day down here.

And it’s easy enough to get around. Follow your nose to the chlorine-filled swimming pool decorated like a hammam with small intricately painted tiles. Or follow the subtle scents of lavender to find the treatment rooms where you’ll find all manner of massages.

How does it work?

Like most spas dotted about London, the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel offers a whole host of full body massages, facials, scrubs, waxes, manicures and so forth. But it’s a focus on the entire wellness experience that sets it apart.

Head in an hour before your treatment for a swim and sit in the pool’s specially designed bubblers. You sit back in one of the inbuilt lounges and get a little bubble massage from heaps of tiny bubble jets. Why? Because why not?

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The recovery room is the hallmark of a luxury wellness-focused spa

Hop over to the large steam room (which we wish was a little more soundproof) and open up your pores while sweating it out. Shower off, have your treatment, and then return for more relaxation.

Jump in the male or female saunas while you’re at it, too. Take your time with your pampering. Rushing in a spa is a big faux pas. Don’t see it as a mission and don’t give yourself a strict time frame to relax – turn everything off (your phone included) and let this luxury spa work its magic.

What are the benefits?

Each treatment has its own specific benefit. It all depends on which you book into and what your body is really in need of. We wanted both our mind and body to be turned into butter, so we opted for the hour-long aromatherapy massage.

They offer you a selection of scents to choose from, hand you some dowdy disposable underwear (as they do everywhere else), and quickly get to work on all your aches and pains.

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There are seperate saunas for men and women

The massage therapists here are gods in green suits. Seriously, we felt transformed after our massage and left plenty of inelegant drool on the towel our face was buried into. They clearly only hire the best. And we were all too thankful for it.

We left feeling cosy and fragile, fearing nothing more than the outside world. But, thankfully, they guide each guest into a private relaxation area after the treatment. This is a sign that the spa is at the top of its game. You can’t just be thrust back to the pool with children.

Instead, here you sip on some tea, nibble on a few banana crisps and read some glossy mags in a dim lit room full of blankets, lounges and candles. This is how you relax. This is how you unwind. This is how you cope with being an adult.

How much?

hour-long massages start at £110, and facials begin at the same price. But the longer journey packages are made for an entire day of indulgence. These start at £155 and go up in price depending on the ritual chosen and the length at which you get pampered. These all include access to the facilities. But, if that’s all you’re looking for, then you can simply purchase a full day Spa Pass for £60.

Where is it?

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Road NW1 2AR.