Tried & Tested: Get yourself into the Frame at Farringdon


Frame is all about bringing the fun back to fitness.

There are no sparse rooms full of equipment you don’t actually know how to use here. Instead, Frame centres everything around fitness classes designed to make you sweat and enjoy your workout at the same time.

And you won’t find any judgement here – from the trainers or fellow fitness fanatics. There’s no shame in taking a break in the middle of the intense 30-minute Ass & Abs class, throwing off the strap-on ankle weights and dropping to your knees in the middle of a long plank. You go as hard as you want.

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Frame’s Reformer Pilates classes are by far their most popular

The gym houses everything from relaxing yoga classes and meditation space to more intense boxing, rowing and aerobics workouts that leave muscles sore and heart rates elevated.

To top it off, everything is brand spanking new in Frame’s latest City offering, meaning no mats have been sweated on by thousands of people and no equipment that’s falling apart.

Basically, you’ve got great gear, friendly trainers and engaging classes under one roof.

What is it?

Frame’s newest venture is right by Farringdon Station and boasts three large studios kitted out with everything needed for a long list of classes.

The 12-bed Reformer Pilates studio is one of the most popular spaces, with classes fully booked most days. It’s ideal for those wanting to get lean and toned in a low impact session.

A good alternative is to try one of the mindful yoga classes or barre in the Freestyle Fitness studio.

This is also where Frame hosts its energetic and sometimes silly dance classes which make for the perfect lunchtime break. You’ll be re-energised for the rest of the day and just that little bit sore as well.

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The upbeat barre studio will quickly be transformed into a relaxing yoga space

The final main space is the dimly lit Train & Fitness studio which is where the devout head for the most intense and addictive classes.

For those not yet ready for a full on session, try the small meditation room located in the front of the gym, complete with soft bean bag chairs and blankets scattered about the floor.

Grab a pair of headphones and tune into a 15-minute guided meditation for the perfect mindful cooldown – or come just for the meditation, refocusing the mind for the day ahead.

How does it work?

Frame does offer a traditional monthly membership which gives access to all its classes and facilities around the City.

This means you can drop-in to one of its seven London locations with just one membership.

But the pay-as-you-go Frame Card is what draws in so many. Add a minimum £50 to the card whenever you like – think of it as an oyster card for the gym – and have six months to use the credit.

This means members aren’t guilted into going to the gym to justify the money spent on direct debit fees.

Instead, book whichever classes you want, whenever they work for you.

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Curl up in one of the beanbags, cover yourself in blankets and destress with one of their guided meditations

What are the benefits?

The diverse range of classes means you can try and test each one to find your best fit.

Even once you try your favourites, you won’t get bored repeating them as classes are constantly altered and changed to avoid the threat of boredom.

Plus, you can always swap a classic Reformer Pilates class for a little dance session one day if you’re in need of a change. And the fun, somewhat laid-back nature of each workout means going to the gym is far less of a chore.

You’ll soon be looking forward to learning another Destiny’s Child dance routine or heading to a pop-inspired ’80s aerobics class.

How much?

The basic monthly Frame Membership, which includes all classes except Reformer Pilates, is priced at £120, while Gold Membership, which includes absolutely everything, is set at £199 per month.

With the Frame Card, individual classes range from £10 to £14 depending on the duration, while Reformer Pilates classes are £16 for 45 minutes or £18 for the full hour.


35 Farringdon Road EC1M 3JB.