It doesn’t take a seismic shift to increase productivity


Finding physical and mental balance – both paramount to overall wellbeing – may present itself as a constant challenge, but there has never been a more diverse menu of activities to help us attain that coveted equilibrium.

And as wellbeing continues to top the agenda for firms of all shapes and sizes in the City, the men and women behind the events proferred by Evendo are thinking further and further outside the box to create innovative ways to entertain, engage and boost your workforce.

It doesn’t take hundreds of hours to implement a strategy to help get staff operating at their full potential, either; with a change of policy on furry friends or a stroll around the building equally as effective as an in-house masseuse.

Here, Evendo outlines some of the top trending wellbeing activities to consider implementing in 2019.

On-site yoga classes to relieve stress
Don’t have a yoga routine in place at the office? It’s a problem easily rectified; simply invite an instructor into your place of work every couple of weeks to guide the team through a morale-boosting class.

Laughter classes to boost health
Laughing burns calories and helps in releasing “feel-good” chemicals in the brain. Laughing is also contagious, so it will help colleagues to form closer relationships.

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Bring some joy to the office with laughter classes

Role playing activities
Through imagination-based games, staff are given the opportunity to step out of the office routine and let their hair down.

Make your office pet-friendly
Pets in the office can help employees reduce stress and increase communication and productivity. Don’t have any pets? Fear not, some firms specialise in providing furry friends for others to fawn over.

Turn meetings into walking tours
We sit at a desk all day, so why not make meetings a walking tour instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative.

Design a terrarium
Bring in an expert in terrariums and collaborate in adding value to your own office space. Create amazing pieces of contained nature which will boost your chi.

Hire a masseuse for a day
The advantage of on-site chair massage is that it can go almost anywhere, from corporate offices to retail stores to parties, sporting events, trade shows or other special events.

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In-house massage is a great way to relax and destress

Dance challenges
Dancing is perfect for releasing inhibitions and enabling work colleagues to interact with each other in a way that would never happen in a working environment.

Breathing courses
Scientific research shows that two thirds of our energy comes from our breath, and 70% of toxins are eliminated through breathing.
Healthy breathing has also been shown to increase staff productivity.