Top City of London gyms with online workout classes


The world is wild, and we are all stuck at home eating snacks and bingeing tv. These are strange times. But one of the best ways to stay healthy (mentally and physically) is to get some easy exercise into your day – everyday.

And gyms all around London have gone online to provide their members (and just about anyone else) a free workout. We’re sure you’ve seen significantly more frequent live videos pop up on your Instagram. It’s likely you’ll find someone doing yoga, a HIIT class or some meditation on one of these.

And, even if it seems weird, you really ought to give it a go. It’s the new normal – at least for now. And here are our favourite City of London gyms taking to the web. Each is offering something a little different. Read on to find which is best for you.


This immersive yoga class in the Square Mile transformed their offerings so damn fast. And now, they are using two different online channels. First off, they’re running free yoga, pilates, barre and fitness classes, taught by are their lead instructors, on Instagram Live. The classes are accessible via FLY LDN’s Instagram profile and they run at 8am, 12:30pm and 6pm every weekday. Weekend classes are also available. Just check their Instagram page each week for updates. They’re also uploading short, 15-minute workouts to their YouTube channel for people to follow at a time that suits them.

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FLY LDN yoga classes are usually set within a dark room while a video plays different scenes from nature

But that’s not it. FLY LDN is also running private sessions for many of their usual corporate customers and private groups by video conference. These give people the opportunity to interact more with the instructor and the other participants in the class and obtain a tailored workout/the class of their choice. This is proving a really popular way for employers to bring their employees together virtually for team exercises and they’ve seen a huge rise in enquiries for these.


A whole range of online workouts are now offered through the Digme At Home initiative. These guys are streaming live yoga and HIIT classes for free on their Instagram channel and uploading a few onto YouTube too. And a new schedule is posted on their page daily so be sure to keep checking in to find what you’re after. And they are also now offering online spin classes for anyone who has a spin bike at home. The Spin classes are free for current Digme members and £9.99 for everyone else. Maybe it’s time to buy a stationary bike.

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Keep in touch with your favourite Digme instructor while at home


The boutique fitness studio 1Rebel is moving into the at-home fit-tech space with the launch of Rebel TV. This brand-new platform will allow consumers to access 1Rebel’s signature Reshape and Rumble workouts from the comfort of their own homes. Rebel TV features HIIT and strength workouts, as well as lifestyle masterclasses such as yoga, meditation and sleep workshops, so consumers can remain active as they spend more time inside. Rebel TV is available for a free five-day trial. Following this free period, consumers can sign up to a monthly subscription for £15.99 or £29.99 for 3 months. These businesses need your money right now. Don’t do too many free classes folks.

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1REBEL will get you in the right mindset for working out at home


Spin classes aren’t so east to do at home. You’ve got to have some fairly expensive kit to do so. But thankfully, even though their famous for their spin classes, Psycle have a lot more to offer consumers online. While their studios are out of action, they are staying connected to their community and beyond by bringing self-care content, nutrition a number of free-to-view live barre, HIIT and yoga workouts to their Instagram account. In addition to this, the Psycle team are making available on-demand content on IGTV, allowing people to workout with their favourite fitness instructors any time, wherever they are.

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Sweat it out with some of Psycle’s classes. Photo by Gary Morrisroe


Every day, instructors from Gymbox will be bringing three Gymbox classes via Instagram Live. They’re also popping these up onto their IGTV so people can do them whenever works best for them. No need to do it only when it’s being shown live. And each is specially designed to be done at home – no equipment needed. They are even accompanied by ‘how to’ videos for every movement and a full breakdown of the workout. This is to minimise confusion as it isn’t quite as easy to ask your instructor for help online.

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Set yourself some goals and choose the right workout from Gymbox’s long list of offerings.

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