Top beauty spots now open in the City of London

Getting your nails done is definitely a little different nowadays - but still totally worth it

Life has gotten stressful. Parents have had to deal with kids at home while they work in the kitchen. Many of us still haven’t been able to hang with friends in months. And then there’s that general worry of the world going to ruin. We get it! Sometimes we just need a few hours away to truly escape it all. That’s when beauty treatments become essential – no matter your gender. And de-stressing isn’t the only benefit you get.

Get a facial to help clear up your skin which doesn’t do well covered in a face mask all the time. Finally get that laser hair removal scheduled now that you really don’t have the time or energy to wax or shave all the time at home. Or get to the hairdresser/ barber and get all of that hair sorted out while sipping on a few bevs. Whatever it is you need specifically, these beauty treatment spots will have you sorted.

Primas Medispa

This has got to be one of the very best all-round beauty treatment destinations in the City of London. Primas Medispa offers a huge range of experiences for those wanting to relax, rejuvenate or simply treat themselves to some classic pampering. And, with all the stress and mayhem of lockdown, it is now the very best time to get all this done.

Firstly, they are known all over for their extensive range of laser skin and hair treatments, both for men and women. Laser skin rejuvenation is a fantastic catch-all treatment for a whole range of undesirable skin blemishes, laser thread vein treatment removes all those strongly coloured veins which pop up all as we age, and laser hair removal will get your body smoother for much longer.

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Escape the craziness around you for a few hours of self-care

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Primas Medispa also has a range of different microneedling services available. Mesotherapy, Dermapen and Nanopore are all clinically proven techniques to help rejuvenate your skin and even help combat scarring, stretch marks and the visible signs of ageing. And they offer each of them within their Square Mile treatment centre. Either go for just  one or go all out and make that skin glow (now you can show all the progress off with friends and family when heading out to restaurants, bars and the like).

They even do classic massages, skin peels, facials, Visia skin analysis, waxing, threading, Pressotherapy (removal of cellulite) and dermal fillers. You can either go super simple and relax at Primas Medispa with calm massages or facials, or go all out on the full beauty makeover experiences aimed at reducing the signs of ageing and so on. And, of course, they’ve gone above and beyond with safety measures to ensure everyone has peace of mind while getting a luxurious beauty treatment.
6 Ludgate Square EC4M 7AS

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Get yourself looking your best with a proper shave

Pasha Barbers

Getting that perfectly trimmed beard on your own ain’t easy. Barbers are always best – with Pasha in the City of London being one of the very best. This group of three Turkish barbers is renowned for their expertise in sculpting beards and hair while giving exceptional traditional service.

Rock up in the morning and get a complimentary Turkish coffee while you get everything up to scratch or head over after work for a few free beers while they make you over. Who ever said men couldn’t treat themselves when it comes to the all-round beauty experiences? This kind of pampering is not only for the women folk.
27F Throgmorton Street EC2N 2AN, 1 Castle Court EC3V 9DL & 29 Throgmorton Street EC2N 2AT

Pulse Light Clinic

These guys offer a wide range of beauty therapies, but they are best known for fat freezing. This is pretty much exactly what it says. They remove fat by freezing it. There’s no need for liposuction or surgery when you can just pop in and out within an hour. Get rid of those lockdown love handles the easy way, if you’re still not keen on returning to the gym and you just can’t bear to give up those late-night sweets. But they do so much more than just fat freezing. Come here to get tattoos removed – we all know someone who regrets getting a tacky tattoo when they were younger. You can also get a non-surgical face lift, dermal fillers, acne scars removed, freckle removal and laser hair removal.
150-152 Fenchurch Street EC3M 6BB


You don’t need to have a whole-body beauty treatment to feel great about yourself. Even the most basic experiences can leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated – like a simple manicure or pedicure. You don’t have to pluck off all your hairs, be wrapped up in foil or be poked and prodded to feel good. And you don’t have to spend all your money.

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Getting your nails done is definitely a little different nowadays – but still totally worth it

That’s why we turn to regular nail salons so often. They’re relatively cheap and easy ways to boost your mental wellbeing. Not only because you end up looking just that extra bit fabulous but because you have an hour to turn off and escape the real world outside the salon doors. Don’t underestimate the importance of this time.

And we can think of few places like NailBox who offer all the best nail care with stacks on stacks of safety measures. They’ve gone above and beyond to make sure all their clients are safe and healthy when getting their nails done. Just make sure you wash your hands beforehand!
Regus Building, 68 Lombard Street EC3V 9LJ

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