Tips for keeping those New Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year again where the majority of us have made audacious plans for the year ahead, especially in the world of health and fitness.

But let’s be honest, how many people actually stick to these for a sustained period of time? I’ll give you the answer, not many. Unfortunately too many people make big changes that they can’t adhere to for long enough to see the benefits. Fortunately for you, I have a few handy tips you can use to help you stick to your fitness new years resolutions – unless you’ve already abandoned them…

Make a plan

First up, make a plan. Write down what you want to achieve in 2020 and make a plan of how you’re going to do it. Whether you need to schedule workouts into your week or eat healthier foods, get it written down somewhere you can see it everyday so it can’t be forgotten or ignored.

The next step is to write down how you’re going to make these changes a part of your daily routine by breaking them down into easy steps for you to follow. Make sure you keep these somewhere you can see them everyday.

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Take it one step at a time

Start small

OK, the first tip is to start small. Don’t go in all guns blazing and try to completely overhaul your current lifestyle, this will inevitably set you up for failure. Instead, if your resolution is to exercise more often, then start by scheduling 2 sessions a week at the gym, once that’s ingrained in your routine you can then increase to more sessions. Are you wanting to improve your diet?

Awesome, begin by making small changes, maybe swap 1 meal a day to something healthier, or swap out some of the more calorie dense foods such as chips, crisps or chocolate for some fresh fruit or vegetables. Remember that your daily habits right now have taken you years to become accustom too, so don’t expect to change them in days, weeks or even months.

Be strict

Now when it comes to exercise, adherence is the key factor to turning up day after day. So make sure you pick something you actually enjoy doing, if you can do with it a friend or family member, even better. Having someone else to be accountable to can greatly improve your chances of sticking to your resolutions. Can’t find anyone to help you on your journey?

Why not get yourself a personal trainer, if you’re serious about improving your health in 2020 then hiring a fitness professional will be the best investment you make.

Focus on the good

Last but not least, don’t worry about the bad days. We all have ups and downs with work, relationships and general life. So if you have a bad day, accept it and move onto the next day. Don’t let one bad day ruin your progress.

Making lifestyle changes can be a daunting task, especially in the world of fitness as there is so much information out there, but taking small steps towards your goal each day will land you in a better place in 6 months from now. Whatever your resolution is, use these tips to stay on track to a happier, healthier and fitter you in 2020. You got this!

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