The City of London’s top outdoor fitness classes


You may be able to train inside gyms and fitness studios now, but there are still plenty of people who don’t feel comfortable with this. That’s totally normal. It will take a while before we all feel safe to do so.

Thankfully, outdoor gym classes are back up and running. And with weather getting better, there’s no excuse to not get back to your workout routine. Take part in a bootcamp in the City, join a running club, or just do some fun group circuit training classes. There are plenty in and around the Square Mile, so it isn’t hard to squeeze them in around work – as you slowly return to the office.

Now is the time to get that body off the couch, away from the desk and back into those workout clothes which have been neglected lately. It’s time for our bodies to feel strong and healthy again.

Bua Fit

This fitness app hooks you up with a crazy number of outdoor gym classes all over London. It’s super easy to use and find groups of fellow fitness lovers in and around your area (be it near the office or home).

You can run, cycle, practice yoga and do circuit training in a bunch of public spaces around the City of London – you don’t need a park for it! For example, they’ve got a HIIT workshop right by the Thames on Old Billingsgate Walk. There’s no equipment for this one – it’s all about using your own body weight as resistance. Get your sweat on while enjoying all the City views. You can even join a similar class under the famous Monument.

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Change up the scenery each week for a little variation – god knows we need that these days! We are also big fans of their vinyasa yoga classes on London Bridge (although they aren’t as impressive as those in the Tower Bridge Walkway).

Get to the bridge early before traffic gets unmanageable and stretch your body out before a day back in the office.We could go on and on about these classes – just check out their site for the mammoth list of available outdoor classes. Road-test a few to find your favourite location, workout and group.

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Get back on the City of London tennis courts

Golden Lane Sports & Fitness Centre

It’s time to tighten the strings on your rackets and dig around for all those tennis balls. Because tennis is back in the City of London. The Golden Lane Tennis Courts have reopened now, with spaces booking up fast.

These are the only tennis courts in the Square Mile, which so few people even know about. That’s because they’re hidden within the Golden Lane Estate.

Either head over with a bunch of mates from work to let off some steam or take it more seriously. Train with some of their coaches, getting ready for the 2021 Wimbledon madness.

These courts are some of the most inclusive fitness spaces in London – people from all backgrounds come here. Enjoy the refreshingly unpretentious leisure centre.

Because sometimes we don’t want to work out with perfectly dressed and totally ripped people wearing makeup to the gym. This is a proper local spot for people who want to stay healthy and enjoy keeping fit. It’s that simple.


Sadly, there aren’t any outdoor classes happening in Broadgate Circle, but 1Rebel are hosting a bunch just beyond the Square Mile’s borders. Either head to Cardinal Place or Shoreditch Park for a host of different open-air, sweat inducing activities.

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The 1Rebel team ramping up their outdoor fitness class offerings

And they’re pushing two main classes – a 45-minute HIIT class and running session around the park as a group. It’s fairly limited for now, but plenty more classes will open up as the weather warms up.

Train Dirty

The Train Dirty team have stacks of outdoor classes all over London – with the two City locations. Head to either Finsbury Square or Trinity Square Gardens in the Square Mile to try out one of their gruelling HIIT bootcamps.

These aren’t easy classes. They are not messing about. It’s not for the faint hearted. They believe in what they call, ‘The Art of Suffering’. Individuals push hard and risk more alongside trustworthy peers.

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Get your sweat on with high intensity circuit training

But the pain is totally worth it guys. God, you get results. Get your heart rate up, work on your tan and feel good while sweating it out with a bunch of people who share your love for fitness and pushing the limits – no more lonely exercises in your living room guys. Bring on social fitness classes.

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Third Space has the best outdoor workout setup

Third Space

London’s luxury health club, Third Space, have not just taken classes outdoors. These guys have set up workout tents at Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge, with all the workout trimmings.

You will get as close to their club experience as possible with hard-wearing rubber gym flooring and surround sound music system in the Yard tents, and an immersive headphone sound system in the Cycle and Yoga tent.

And as well roll further into summer, the Third Space team will be kitting out the spaces with Concept 2 rowers, ski-ergs, Watt bikes, assault bikes, dumbbells and our IC7 studio bikes.

We haven’t heard of any other London gym going so far to help their clients feel safe while they get fit. There is going to be a lot of workout envy this year..

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