The Spitalfields Business Series: Wicked Fish

The Spitalfields Business Series Wicked Fish
Credit Brendan Bell/Spitalfields E1

In this series, we speak to business owners in Spitalfields Market about the work they are doing, their hopes for 2024 and what they love about the City.

Wicked Fish

Q. Tell us about your food business?

A. We are the Wicked Fish – Gluten free fish and chips. We’ve started Wicked Fish in August 2021 and it has been a great success. We pride ourselves in using best and high-quality ingredients, which in turn bring us popularity with local residents as well as tourists. We’ve been called ‘best fish and
chips in London’ by many first-time customers. In June this year we opened our second location within the iconic Spitalfields Market.

Q. What’s the best dish on your menu?

A. As the name indicates – Wicked Fish. We only use Haddock for its sustainability served with crisp coated chips and house tartar.

Q. What was the inspiration behind it?

A. We believed there’s a gap in the market for street food like fish and chips, give it some quirk and update the recipe to current dietary needs. Make it fresh and delicious again but also available to many, not the few. As our slogan says – Everyone Eats, right?

Q. What do you love most about being located on Lamb Street?

A. And what’s not to love? A beautiful historical market located in the heart of East London. It’s somewhat reminds me of Liberty’s in central London. It is also surrounded by local residents, office workers, and provides very easy access for tourists since we’re right next to Liverpool Street station. There’s no Fish and Chips takeaway within the market, which presented great opportunity.

Q. What are some of the challenges that you have faced as a business and how have you overcome them?

A. In today’s times the most difficult part is to find the right people, people who will represent you but also share your vision and passion for quality food, not compromising in quality. Within the first few months, people would come and go, but now we’ve got a great family who really cares about Wicked Fish and also cares about customers. On that note big thanks to everyone who is involved and people especially without whom I wouldn’t be able to make it happen: Marcin, Layna, Peter, Harry, Emerson, Steph – you all helped to make Fish what it is today.

Q. What’s in the pipeline for 2024?

A. This is to be announced but most likely we will be adding another location London to our family. Stay tuned.

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