The Spitalfields Business Series: Kill The Cat

Kill The Cat
Credit Brendan Bell/Spitalfields E1

In this series, we speak to business owners in Spitalfields Market about the work they are doing, their hopes for 2024 and what they love about the City.

Q. Tell us about your business?

A. Kill The Cat is a different breed of craft beer bar – one that entices you to be more adventurous in your beer choices. Having opened our first place on Brick Lane back in 2016, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most well-well-known and loved destinations for craft beer in the country.

Q. What’s the best beer on your menu?

A. It’s a bit like choosing your favourite child but here it goes. Our range is constantly changing and my preferences really depend on what I’m in the mood for on any particular day. At the moment I’m loving a Black IPA by Elusive Brewing called ‘Portents of Doom’. It contains all the punchy, citrus hoppiness that most love about an IPA, but with the roasted malts the style brings, there are deep toasty notes and a dark richness that’s perfect for a chilly autumn day.

Q. Tell us about how the concept of the business came about?

A. Myself and co-founder Phil Curl are craft beer fans and having bounced around various tap rooms for the past decade, we decided there must be an alternative to the leaky warehouse spaces we used to drink in. We also loved the variety of flavours and styles on offer but felt they weren’t being made accessible to the many as it was difficult to differentiate clearly between them. So we set out to create a new type of craft beer bar, where the choices are made clearer and you get to be as adventurous as you like in a welcoming, friendly and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Q. What do you love most about being located on Market Street/Spitalfields?

A. Spitalfields Market is the perfect place for our main site – it has a great mix of local workers, creative residents and tourists from all over London, the UK and the world. It’s a well-loved go to for interesting and unique eating, drinking and shopping and particularly comes alive at Christmas with loads of events and a constant buzz. There really aren’t many other places like it.

Q. What are some of the challenges that you have faced as a business and how have you overcome them?

A. Being an independent business with a unique offering, we’ve had to work hard to establish ourselves with new customers. After 7 years on Brick Lane, we’ve built a diverse following across London and the globe, many of whom hadn’t even heard of craft beer before. We put a lot into creating an atmosphere where people will feel welcome, at home and ready to have a great time. And once they’re in that state they generally surprise themselves with how adventurous they can be.

Q. What’s in the pipeline for 2024?

A. Having only recently opened and still bedding in, we’re looking forward to a big 2024; We have lots of food and drink events planned to satisfy your curiosity for beer and beyond – in addition to food and drink tastings we’re planning to add live music, art and comedy to the mix to create a unique hub of creativity and curiosity, all on top of our regular drinking and dining experience.

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