The new sustainable meal kit from British chef duo


Eco-Chef Tom Hunt has collaborated with Chef Danny Jack to launch a plant-based and zero waste Regenerative Menu Box from his new cookbook Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet.

Each dish has been cooked by Tom, Danny and his team, so all you need to do is finish up the cooking, plate it all up and feast! Danny used to work with Tom at his sustainable tapas restaurant Poco in Bristol, and since then the two have collaborated together on numerous events – both with a shared passion for sustainability and delicious food.

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Not just your usual hummus. Photo by Jenny Zarins.

This DIY kit was prepared using organic and agroecological ingredients from Tom and Danny’s favourite farms and suppliers in London, the UK and Europe. These guys are passionate about using locally sourced produce which also come from ethical sources.

Moreover, these producers are pushing the envelope, practising environmentally regenerative farming methods that build soil and support biodiversity. It’s the future of food. Or at least it should be.

This five course feast for two (£65) includes Musabaha (a rich warm hummus) to share plus caramelised salsify and shallots with thyme, rhubarb and hazelnuts, followed by a risotto with truffle salt (with the option of a whole truffle for extra grating!).

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Desserts include single origin chocolate fondant, walnut cream, rye and cacao breadcrumbs and a rose, cardamom and pistachio marshmallow. And, just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can also add a bottle of Aldwick Estate English Sparkling Wine.

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Even all the packaging is eco friendly – unlike most of their competitors with all the single-use plastics

Tom says “One of these small farms is called Tamarisk Farm in Dorset, run by Adam and Ellen who grew the incredible soil-supporting grains used in the Rotation Risotto. We’ve spiked the risotto with fresh black truffles (tuber melanosporum) from Wiltshire Truffles and have offered you the opportunity to buy a whole truffle for yourself to grate or slice over the top if you are feeling decadent.”

Danny says “The main ingredient for our Panamanian Chocolate Fondant is from Nick at Loctoa, a small bean to bar chocolate maker in South London. The menu box includes an insanely delicious fondant mixture, ready to bake in a cazuela dish that we supply with the Menu Box. Once hot, gooey and molten, simply finish with walnut cream and a whisky and rye crumb.”

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