The Ned’s uber decadent Sunday Feast


The word feast takes on a new meaning at The Ned. Each and every Sunday, they create a king-like buffet will all the top trimmings to bring people back into the Square Mile on weekends.

Sit within the grand architecture of The Ned, listen to live music and try your best to get gout when eating all of the most decadent dishes.

Kick it off with a complimentary glass of wine, beer or Prosecco as you start planning your buffet strategy – perhaps take a walk around the space, being tactical with how you approach the entire feast.

We tackled the simple avocado on toast with some charcuterie while having our second coffee of the day. Start small. Get the belly ready for what’s to come. After all, it’s a long game. There’s no time limit to the affair. You go until you can’t go no more.

So be sure to lap up each and every option. Especially all the fresh seafood. Mounds of lobster (literal mounds) adorn the buffet bar with all the sauces and toppings laid out beneath. To the right lies a platter of freshly shucked oysters too.

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Unlimited lobster! Need we say more?

Grab a separate plate of these for the table as not to crowd your plate full of lobster. Pair it with some Bloody Mary’s and you’re well and truly sorted for part two.

They aren’t the very best oysters around (slightly small and not so meaty) but still a delight as you can nosh on as many as you wish. The lobster is brilliant though – with servers popping back and forth to make sure you have all the required utensils so you can crack into the claws and so forth.

It’s important to note that, as you’re at The Ned, you’re getting some exceptional service. It’s all so very British and proper. Perfect for an afternoon out in the City of London. Each and every time you return to your seat, your old plate will be gone, new cutlery will be placed on the table and your napkin comes neatly folded. An air of class and decorum is firmly established at this bottomless buffet.

From there, move over to the meaty bits. Roast pork, beef and chicken are all there for the picking. Simply ask the chef which you want, and they’ll carve it up for you.

Move across to all the roast vegetables, salads and more Yorkshire puddings than we have ever seen in one place. These were gems. Giant crunchy buckets of pastry perfectly made for holding all the gravy.

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Get around the roast meat spread while you’re at it

But we’re telling you now, keep room for dessert. They have set up another buffet just for the perfect finish. Cheese boards are there for those who aren’t into sweet treats, but we skipped right past this and onto the cakes. Oof. And oh how there were so many to choose from. We may have not left enough room to properly take advantage of this course.

There were entire cakes sliced up (think homemade cheesecakes, pear tarts, pavlovas, and all manners of pastries filled with all kinds of creams). Chocolate sauce, fruit and even a bucket of Maltesers can be found amongst all the delicately made cakes. Cap it off with another cocktail or an espresso and try your best not to fall into a food coma right there.

Those plush couches and the live music paying in the background might just lull you to sleep if you’re not careful. If only we had booked a room upstairs, to be karted off to – we’ll be more tactical next time.

The Ned, 27 Poultry EC2R 8AJ