Sadiq Khan: Business support crucial in no-deal Brexit

Business in London needs backing in a no-deal Brexit scenario
Business in London needs backing in a no-deal Brexit scenario

The Mayor of London has said it is “vital” that businesses get the support they need to start planning for a “no-deal” Brexit.

Sadiq Khan has asked the London Resilience Forum – the group responsible for ensuring London is prepared in emergencies – to establish the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Khan has criticised the lack of Government advice and support for businesses who need to make plans for managing a possible no-deal Brexit – mostly the threat it would pose to European employees.

Calling the Government’s Brexit negotiations “completely mishandled”, Mr Khan said: “It is vital that businesses get the advice and support they need to start planning for the chaos of a no-deal Brexit now – before it’s too late.

“The biggest threat facing businesses is the growing chance that they could lose their European employees.

“If talks were to break down, the three million EU citizens living in the UK, around one million of whom are Londoners, would have no guarantee that their rights to stay and work would be protected.

People born in the rest of the European Economic Area make up approximately 750,000 jobs in London’s economy.

Europeans make up 32% of jobs in the construction, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Mr Khan added: “Businesses regularly report the difficulty they face in getting the talented workers they need, and to now threaten the Europeans they currently employ is completely and utterly reckless.

“I am calling on Theresa May to do the only sensible and humane thing and extend the offer of settled status to EU Citizens currently living in the UK now, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations.”