Stoptober is time to be a Quitter


Chair of the Corporation’s health and wellbeing board Joyce Nash explains why October is the perfect time to stop smoking for good.

Next month marks the return of the fifth Stoptober. This national campaign runs every year with the aim of encouraging smokers to make a quit attempt during October.

Statistics show that if someone can stop smoking for 28 days, they are a whopping five times more likely to be able to quit for good.

In the 10 years since the introduction of the UK smoking ban, the number of smokers has dropped, though around 16% of the population still lights up on a regular basis.

Many smokers would like to quit, but aren’t sure where to start.

The negative health impacts of smoking tobacco are well-known, including raising the risk of developing cancer, respiratory and heart diseases, and other effects.

Smoking also has huge financial implications, both on smokers themselves and wider society. It costs the latter approximately £12.9billion per year, including £2bn to the NHS.

The City of London Corporation is committed to supporting people who want to stop smoking. We do this by providing a range of free support, through commissioned provider WDP Square Mile Health, to City workers and residents who want to kick the habit.

WDP offers a range of free services, such as:

  • On-site tobacco, drug and alcohol awareness stalls at business premises.
  • Training, seminars and talks (lasting between 30-minutes and one day) for staff.
  • Stop smoking support services for workers and residents, including drop-in clinics and individual treatments through dedicated clinics and Boots pharmacies across the City.

This Stoptober, WDP Square Mile Health will be running promotional events and pop-ups across the Square Mile’s public spaces, including in libraries and Devonshire Square.

For more information on services available to residents, workers and businesses, visit

Charity Action on Smoking and Health has published a list of top tips on how to stop smoking, which can also be found online.

This Stoptober, if you or someone you know wants to give up smoking, there’s plenty of help at hand.

 Business Healthy is a City of London Corporation-led initiative to unite the business leadership in meeting the health and wellbeing needs of City workers. It provides members with access to an up-to-date library of resources and facilitates, and expert-led events throughout the year for City businesses. Both resources and events provide pioneering information on health and wellbeing best practice, tackling mental health, and ensuring a return on health investments