Square Mile challenge on track with 32,000 cups collected daily


The Square Mile Challenge is officially helping to turn the City green. Initial figures on paper cup collections from the recycling scheme – which is encouraging residents and City workers to give their cups a second shot at life by saving them from landfill – are in, and the initiative looks set to hit the half million target set for April.

The first three weeks of the challenge – cooked up by environmental charity Hubbub, in partnership with recycling company Simply Cups – saw 343,000 cups diverted from the tip. With more to be added from retailers and collections now running at over 32,000 per day, the 500,000 target is in sight.

“Our feeling has always been that we need to have a little faith in people to do the right thing when it comes to recycling,” said co-founder of Hubbub, Gavin Ellis. “We’re delighted to see that this is proving to be the case and that people are happy to recycle if the facilities are available to do so.”

More than 250 new recycling points in offices and coffee shops, on the streets, and in stations have contributed to the cause.

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Unmissable Square Mile Challenge recycling bins have popped up around the City

“The workplace collections are proving particularly successful; around 80% of the cups have come from the 36 City firms who signed up to the challenge,” added Gavin.

“These are facilities which will stay in place beyond April, making this a long-term solution. “Meanwhile, we have been contacted by more employers in the Square Mile and beyond and we’re working on plans for a wider roll out of the scheme.”