How to spring clean your skincare routine


Warmer weather has us spring cleaning our homes and wardrobes, but one thing that often gets overlooked is skincare.

Skin takes a beating during those long months of cold, dry, windy weather with the central heating cranked up to Caribbean temperatures, so adapting our routine to seasonal changes is important to deal with shifts in climate, sun levels and exposure to external aggressors.

Primas Medispa and Belgravia Dermatology are a joint beauty spa and dermatology clinic in Ludgate Square offering the full spectrum of skincare and beauty, plus medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments under one roof.

We spoke to dermatologist Dr Sajjad Rajpar about how to spring clean your skincare routine with the help of hardworking treatments designed to help you put your best face forward.

Go under the microscope

If your skin reacts badly to a change of seasons, identifying the source will put you on the fast track to recovery and help prevent it happening again.

“We get a lot of patients who experience an acne flare-up because they’re still using a winter moisturiser and their skin can’t cope with the increased grease production,” Dr Rajpar says.

“Others find that sun exposure causes increased pigmentation in warmer weather.”

Primas uses Visia Skin Analysis UV light technology to scan and evaluate six key areas that affect complexion appearance and health. The results help identify the exact cause of conditions.

Get a full skin check

It can be easy to ignore moles and skin tags when they’re hidden under layers of clothing, but increased sun exposure should serve as a reminder to get checked for skin cancer or melanoma.

Dr Rajpar uses a Dermoscope to check the pigment below the skin surface and identify any abnormal moles or other lesions.

Scrub up well with a peel

Snow, sludge, and rain can cause build-up of dead skin cells, leftover product, and environmental toxins, so start the season right with a facial peel designed to renew cells and improve collagen.

For those with more severe hyperpigmentation, a chemical peel will shed the top layers of the skin to stimulate new cell growth, while Tixel, a more advanced treatment, uses natural heat to flush out old damage and even out skin tone.

Leave clogged pores to professionals

Warmer temperatures can leave pores clogged with makeup, sweat, grease and dead skin cells, so try a cleansing facial to clear congestion, balance ph levels and start anew. Keep that fresh feeling after you leave the salon by trading heavy products like moisturisers and foundations for lighter versions during the warmer months.

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