Restaurants to try this Veganuary

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Here’s our pick of restaurants to check out this Veganuary.

Vegan Yes

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There are few places in London quite as unique and noteworthy as the Italian-Korean fusion Vegan Yes restaurant on Brick Lane. From the moment you step inside you’re greeted by energetic and cheerful Chef Mauro, who along with his wife Dr Min, run the restaurant and ensure that it gives you the best experience no matter what. Before being given the menu you’re asked to try their homemade and home developed kimchi, four distinct flavours each with their own gut-health boosting properties and unique flavours.

From there you’re now ready to see the menu and have an informed decision on what make tickle your fancy. From intense kimchi bibimbap, packed with all four types of kimchi, to saucy toppognocchi with chewy rice sticks alongside traditional gnocchi in Italian tomato passata and fermented Korean chilli sauce, it’s all waiting to be tried. Paired with some purple kombucha, which while strong, is gently sparkling and a perfect accompaniment to the intense flavours of the kimchi.

Just when you think there is no more Chef Mauro hits you with one final showstopper, the famed dark chocolate mochi. These chewy rice balls are coated in dark chocolate and filled with red bean paste and are a staple at Vegan Yes, they even come with their own loyalty card they’re so popular. From start to finish Chef Mauro and Vegan Yes deliver unforgettable meals with personality and charm worthy of their location, a must see if you’re visiting Brick Lane.

Vurger Co

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When we heard of the Vurger Co fast food vegan restaurant we knew that it was something we had to try. Their menu is filled with instantly recognisable classics that go toe to toe with the real things, all while remaining vegan. Located just off Brick Lane and a five-minute walk from an overground station, this vegan fast food is in a league of its own. From flavourful ‘chicken’ and ‘beef’ burgers piled high with delicious toppings and sauces, to fries and ‘chicken’ nuggets paired with finger licking good dips and you’re looking at a something completely unique. We particularly enjoyed the 50/50 fries alongside the hunny mustard aioli dip, an instant classic that blew us away.

On top of all that they have a fantastic selection of shakes that is the perfect way to end your meal, all completely vegan like everything on their menu. They’re also very committed to sustainability and have recently won the Marie Claire Sustainability Award for ‘Best Sustainable Fast Food Brand’. With delicious food that makes you question how if you’ll ever go back to the real thing, Vurger Co has done something many thought impossible.


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Credit Bubala

Located an equidistant five-minute walk from Spitalfields Market and Aldgate East station, Bubala was a delight to visit and experience their exquisite food. From the chic and stylish interior with soft lighting and a relaxed atmosphere, we knew we were in good hands from the start. The dinner menu has two set menus so picking their ‘Bubala Knows Best’ set vegan menu it couldn’t have been easier. The choice of drinks was broad and varied, though we’d recommend simpler drinks as there are mountains of flavours to come and having something to refresh you between each dish is just what’s needed.

The friendly staff check up on your periodically as you go from course to delicious course. From oyster mushroom skewer to smashed batata harra and falafel, we were continuously impressed by the steady roll out of flavour packed food. Each and every dish had its own varied rendition of ‘oh wow’ before it was swiftly devoured. The set menu is perfectly portioned so that come the end you’re feeling full and content, there’s space enough even for a small dessert if you’re up to it.

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