Replenishing Through Fashion with AGRO Studios

Replenishing Through Fashion with AGRO Studios
Credit Matt Flynn

The Fashion District Festival was a showcase of creativity and imagination with its featuring of a broad range of design studios and incorporating previously unused technology into the show. Harry Young talks to AGRO Studios on what it means to showcase at the event and their thoughts.

Q. What is the style at AGRO Studio?

A. Authentic archetypal design, workwear, tailoring combined with playful and contemporary elements. A mixture of light and heavy weight fabrics married with crafts. Our style doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Q. Why is the Fashion District showcase so important?

A. To showcase London’s emerging and diverse creatives. There aren’t that many accessible platforms for emerging designers without jumping through 20 different hoops. This was a fun easy way to show your work to a new audience and grow your interest.

Q. Tell me more about how digital works were incorporated into the fashion showcase?

A. At the very earliest stages of brain-storming with Lee Lapthorne, we wanted to go an extra mile bring a digital element as a way of promoting and highlighting this new and growing aspect of the industry. To achieve this, Lee was able to introduce us to Oscar Keene who produced this aspect of the show.

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Credit Matt Flynn

Q. Tell me more about the work you do at AGRO Studio?

A. We are a design duo that have both graduated from LCF and worked our way up through TV and film and on-set work. We soon started getting a number of requests from stylists and customers which was the catalyst to creating our own collection. We are now developing our 2rd collection for September. As well doing styling and creative consultancy. Our goal as a brand is to uplift other creatives and build community with education and accessibility. We have a big plans on the horizon.

Q. How have your trends changed and how do you see it changing moving forward?

A. At the moment it feels as though all trends live symbiotically due to the dominance of social media. Y2K, print, 60s, normcore, dreamcore, goth, punk and more are now all coexisting. It almost feels like the fashion faux-pas is a thing of the past.

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Q. What is the summer colour for 2023?

A. One might say barbie pink in honour of the movie, with fashion’s love affair with various pinks prevailing since Valentino’s all hot-pink show. Saying this, perhaps nostalgic colours in general are being seen a lot.

Q. Who are your fashion icons and why?

A. Madeleine Vionnet, Bob Mackee, Cher, Björk, Mugler, Azzedine Alaia, Grace Jones, Pierre et Gilles, Martin Parr and the late Westwood because their styles existed in a timeless and inclusive space.

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