Oustanding Steak in the City

Oustanding Steak in the City of London
Credit Flat Iron

The City of London certainly has an appetite for steak, unlike anywhere else in London or even in the country. It seems you can’t go far in the Square Mile before you run into a steakhouse or a restaurant with an impressive steak selection. Here at City Matters we have been on a mission to rediscover the finest steak to be found, we think we might just tempt you with some of the places on our list.

M Restaurant Threadneedle Street

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Credit M Restaurant

At City Matters headquarters we jumped at the occasion to go to M Restaurants to try their seriously good steaks. This multi award-winning location not only houses an international grill restaurant but also sports a cocktail bar, wine tasting tables, secret whiskey room and private members lounge, just try to stay focused and remember that you’re there for the steaks.

Once you’ve found your seat be sure to take a look through their cocktail list to find something to get the meal going. Our favourites when we went were the Red Velvet Goblet and the Rocky Scotty Passion, they taste just as good as they sound. While you relax with your cocktail in hand you can enjoy the carefully tailored interior of the M Restaurant. With their impressive large double height floor to ceiling windows and stylish modern décor, you’ll feel you’re in the right place as you see your steaks arrive.

You can’t ask for more when they do arrive at your table. Bursting with flavour and cooked to your desire rareness perfectly, they’re good enough to turn heads. Paired with a creamy peppercorn or chimichurris sauce and you’d be hard pressed to find a better bite anywhere in the City. But it doesn’t stop there, be sure to add some mouth-watering sides, our favourites were the 15-hour Wagyu Parmesan chips along with the wood-cooked broccoli, the perfect accompaniment. Just when you think it can’t possibly get better than that you have their extensive and superb wine selection that is guaranteed to have a glass and bottle to go with your steak.

Maybe you’ve looking for something very special, maybe you want to try some of their A5 Kobe steak. This really is the best of the best and is the highest grade of Kobe available in London. With unbelievable marbling and cooked only to accentuate its natural flavours, it’s a must try for any steak enthusiast.

Overall, M Restaurant blew us away with its incredible service, venue and flavours and is definitely deserving of being ranked a top steak location in the City.

60 Threadneedle St EC2R 8HG


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Credit KöD

When you’re name literally means ‘meat’ in Danish you know the place is going to be good. Even with that in mind we were still blown away by the amazing experience that we had when we visited KöD.

From the first moment that we stepped inside we were greeted by friendly and inviting staff that made us feel that we were among friends. Sitting down the décor has a stylish modern twist, comfortable seating and excellent lighting that makes for a relaxed but smart setting where the food and the company are the stars.

Then came their otherworldly steaks and boy do they not disappoint. Tender and delicious one can really get a feel for the time and care that KöD restaurant takes to ensure their steaks are just right. Enjoyed alongside some truffle fries and you’re looking at an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re bringing family, colleagues or a date, KöD is the perfect place to satisfy your steak craving in style.

9a Devonshire Square EC2M 4YN

Omnino Steakhouses

Located just a stroll from Leadenhall Market, this Brazilian steakhouse was a highly anticipated location for the team here at City Matters, from start to finish we weren’t disappointed.

They’ve really made it their mission to make some of the best steak that they possibly can, not only with their mouthwatering steak, but, also with their terrific service that makes you feel relaxed and totally at home. This may be a steak review, but we can’t not touch on their Peruvian ceviche or empanadas starters, ideal for getting your appetite going.

Finally, there is the steak, they easily have one of the most comprehensive steak selections anywhere in the City, from black truffle fillet to churrasco marinated sirloin, it’s truly hard not to feel a touch intimidated by the sheer choice. This is where the helpful staff is ready to offer their personal favourites, but with everything being so good you can’t really go wrong.

Go for something a little different for your sides and try their homemade black truffle gnocchi and humitas, not something you’re going to find anywhere else. Overall, with great service, impeccable steak and a relaxed atmosphere Omnino certainly lived up to (and far exceeded) our high expectation, we can’t wait to go back soon.

78-79 Leadenhall Street EC3A 3DH


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Credit Blacklock

Blacklock is known for their steak, and it certainly shows. From the moment you step inside their friendly staff are ready to greet you and show their passion for great service and their mouth-watering steak. Take a look through their menu or check out the lists of steaks on the wall, you never know what might catch your eye. If you want a range of choice from Denver to Sirloin the Blacklock has you covered and with very reasonable prices to boot. But don’t be confused, they haven’t left out the quality of their steak or in their preparation, from perfect rare and topped with flavourful sauces of your choice, it’s hard not to eat it all at once.

Try your best to restrain yourself and to not go full carnivore and try some of their tasty sides too, from beef dripping chips, barbecued radicchio & orange and 10-hour ash roasted sweet potato, you’ll definitely want to grab one or two for your meal.

Located just a two-minute walk away from Monument tube, its perfect for staggering back after eating copious amounts of tender and delicious steak.

13 Philpot Lane EC3M 8AA

Flat Iron

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Credit Flat Iron

The Flat Iron venue in Spitalfields has the perfect lowkey vibe for a date or dinner with family. Located a literal stone’s throw away from the Spitalfields Market this trendy steak spot is filled with playful ideas to make your evening superb. As soon as you sit down, you’re given a big mug filled to the brim with salted popcorn, a lovely little touch to keep you going until your drinks arrive. With their impressive list of wines and cocktails there’s bound to be something that calls your name, just don’t wait too long as the steaks are ready in mere moments.

The Flat Iron steak is beautifully presented, sliced into strips on top of a warmed clay plate it might take a moment before you can bring yourself to dig in. Topped with coarse salt that only enriches its amazing flavour and you’ll be finishing it before you know it. Of course, you’ll want something to go with it and we can wholeheartedly recommend the homemade beef dripping chips and the truffle macaroni cheese, simply delicious.

Overall, we loved how trendy and stylish Flat Iron is with approaching steak and the fun little extras they do to make it a great experience, be sure to check it out if you’re in the Spitalfields area.

88-90 Commercial Street E1 6LY

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Hawksmoor Guildhall

Just a quick walk from Bank station and across the road from the Guildhall Yard you couldn’t ask for a better spot in the City.

Starting off, you have your choice of going to the bar to grab or drink or going straight to your table to look over the impressive menu. While not exactly steak, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Devon crab on toast and the Hawksmoor smoked salmon, both deserving of a mention. But then you have the steak, if you’re feeling particularly peckish then you can go for one of their large cuts up to 700g, just be sure to tackle it with a friend or you might be taking a lot home with you. They also have the more standard sized steak, each one cooked with superb skill and attention to detail. A sauce is always a must and on top of having the classic bearnaise and peppercorn they also have a range of interesting hollandaise sauces such as anchovy, stichelton and porchini, I can wholeheartedly recommend the stichelton.

Overall, the Hawksmoor Guildhall impressed us not only with their great service and mission statements, but also with their fantastic food and delicious drinks. Well worth a visit for anyone interested in trying some top of the line steak.

10 Basinghall St, EC2V 5BQ

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