New CBI London Chair Peter Hogg outlines aspirations for an inclusive capital

New CBI London Chair Peter Hogg outlines aspirations for an inclusive capital

Strong leadership which showcases London as an ‘inclusive, prosperous and welcoming’ city is essential to the capital’s continued success as a world-leading economic powerhouse.

That is the view of the incoming Chair of the CBI’s London Council, Peter Hogg, who is taking over the role this autumn, succeeding Judith Everett at the lobby group, who has held the role for the past two years.

Hogg said: “As we look to a post-Brexit, post-pandemic London, it is more important than ever that the business community comes together to solve the great challenges of the day.

“During my term as Chair of the London Council, I will work with colleagues to make London a low-carbon city which leads the world in sustainability, an inclusive city where all have access to opportunity and none are left behind and an investable city, which is the natural and ethical home for global capital.

“London has enjoyed almost 30 years of unparalleled success. It is important we recognise that the continuation of that success is by no means a given and our competition is greater than ever, but, with the right leadership, focus and rigour, London will continue to grow and succeed.”

Hogg is a Partner at Arcadis, the leading design and consultancy firm for built and natural assets, where he is London City Executive.

Anneka Hendrick, CBI London Director, said: “I am delighted to welcome Peter to the role of London Council Chair, and would also like to place on record my thanks to Judith for her huge contribution during the challenges of the past two years.

“Peter brings a wealth of London knowledge and insight into the issues that matter to the capital’s businesses.

“His expertise will be a major asset for the London business community and for the CBI as we look to work towards a net-zero future and to achieve the strategies for sustainable, long-term growth set out in our Seize The Moment economic vision.”

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